Configuring your Store Settings

Configuring your Store Settings

Once you have signed up to Hike and entered in your store details, the first thing you’ll want to do is configure your store settings. This means, going through the various settings as set by Hike, to get your store ready.

This includes things such as importing your store’s logo to applying general rules like whether or not your business will incorporate Layby sales. Customizing the settings so that they are suitable to your retail operation, is essential and will largely shape how your business will perform.

On this page, we’ll go through the various sections of the General Settings page, and explain step-by-step what each field means.

To begin, simply select Store Setup from the Hike menu and navigate to General.


Clicking this will take you directly to the General Settings page, where you’ll be able to edit the fields as you deem necessary. We will run you through the page, by their sections.


Your Store Details

Trading Name

This is the trading name of your business, and will be added to your receipt printing and emails issued from Hike POS. Your trading name can be edited at any time, however you will need to separately update your receipt template, to reflect the changes.

Cloud Address

This is your store’s web URL that you use to sign into Hike, and it is the reference against which we store all your data on the cloud.


New: A new feature in Hike allows you to change your cloud address, should you so desire.

By selecting Change, a new pop-up will appear explaining that by changing your store’s login address, the new address will be applicable for all users, you currently have in Hike. Click on Yes, Please to continue.


You will then be able to change your store’s login address to something new. If the name has not yet been taken, you will see that it is Available, and will be free to select Continue. If it is unavailable, a red-cross will appear, with the Continue button unable to be clicked.


Locale Settings



Use the drop-down menu to choose the preferred language for your Hike Store. Hike is available in multiple languages. 

Note: This option can be overridden by your individual user language selection, please refer to our User permissions language and Time zone selection article here.


Use the drop-down menu to choose your currency.

Note: You can only choose one currency, as Hike does not currently process across multiple currencies.  You will need to have a separate Hike Store for each additional currency.

Time zone

Use the drop-down menu to choose your time zone.

This is a key component of the General Settings screen, as Hike will use the local time on your device, to record the payment time and date of a sale. Ensure that time zones are the same across all integrations with third-party applications as well.

Tip: The time-zone helps confirm time periods across a range of areas, such as rosters or reports. Especially useful if you have multiple stores located in different time zones.

Note: This option can be overridden by your individual user Time zone selection, please refer to our User permissions language and Time zone selection article here.

General Rules

If you are unsure, which general setting applies for a specific section? We have bifurcated the tabs according to the sections so that it gives you more clarity. Click on the "Point of sales" tab to get the general setting only related to the Point of sales screen. The same applies to Inventory, Customers, Reporting, Users, and Integrations tabs.

When you first log into Hike, you will have the ability to select various settings that may be applicable to your business.

Simply tix the box to the corresponding feature to active it, or un-tick to deactivated.

Display line item discounts on receipt

By ticking this box, if any of your products are being sold with discounts, the discount total will show on your receipts.

By not ticking this box, the discount total will be hidden.

Show tax inclusive prices

Tax inclusive prices refer to whether your in-store prices include tax in the final sales. Tick this box, if your store requires inclusive tax prices.

Not ticking this box will result in tax being added to the sale price at checkout.

Activate tips/surcharge

Ticking this box will display tips/surcharges on the Enter Sale screen in the sales cart, where your cashier can add tips to the final price.


Round-off totals to nearest 0.05.

Ticking this box will round up sales totals to the nearest 0.05.

Activate ‘on account’ sale.

‘On account’ sales are when a sale occurs, but the payment is not collected at the time of the sale, yet the customer is still able to take the goods with them. The arrangement will then be made for the customer to pay off the transaction at a later date.

By ticking this box, you will enable your store to have ‘on account’ sales as an option.

Activate lay-by.

A lay-by agreement allows your customers to pay off a product in instalments, before they can take their goods.

Ticking this box will allow your customers to purchase via lay-by.

Users to enter PIN for every sale.

By ticking this box, any user using Hike to conduct a sale will have to enter their PIN to complete the next sale. This is to ensure greater security and is relevant in situations where staff are paid by commission, ensuring the right user is linked to the right sale.

Prompt to print receipt on every sale.

By ticking this box, Hike will prompt a merchant copy of the receipt for every sale. You will then be offered to select an email or printed receipt of the customer copy.

Send ‘sync log’ notifications by email.

Ticking this box will trigger Hike to send an email to the account creator daily to confirm the sync to third party programs took place.

Park paid orders for fulfillment.

By ticking this, all completed orders will appear in the Sales history, with the status Awaiting Fulfillment. This may be relevant when a store sells items, but the customer returns later to collect, and the store needs to confirm the collection.

Activate customer welcome emails.

Ticking this box will activate a welcome email being sent to every new customer that is added to Hike. You can edit this email at any time.

Hide last 3 digits in ‘sold’ gift card numbers listing

By ticking this box, the last 3 digits of sold gift card numbers will be hidden. This is so as to prevent any card frauds that may take place.

Inventory Notifications

With this option, you can select exactly how Hike will notify you of low inventory. Your options are:

  • Do not set low inventory notifications.
  • Send notification as soon as an item reaches re-order level.
  • Send a consolidate low-inventory notification, once a day.


You can specify who receives inventory notifications based on their user roles. There are three options to choose from to send inventory notifications to:

  • Admins only
  • Admins & managers
  • All users

Obviously, ‘All users’ mean no restrictions and ‘Admins & managers’ mean that Cashier users will not receive low inventory notifications and the first option as the name says, only Admins will get inventory notifications.


The re-order quantity can be set by you from the product. Refer to the below screenshot for reference:


  1. To insert your store logo into Hike’s receipt template, clicking on the blank image box and you will prompted to select a file image from your computer.
  2. Hike allows you to select an image in JPG/JPEG/PNG file formats, with a maximum of 5MB in size.
  3. Use the capture box to crop your image in the way you want it to appear on your receipt.
  4. Click on the SAVE button when done.
  5. If you need to change your logo, simply click on the remove button to delete the logo image.

Note: All thermal receipt printers print in black and white, so make sure you consider how your store’s logo will look in grey render.

Web Addresses


With web addresses, you can record your applicable social media and website links, for personal reference.

Note: Hike is fast working on a new feature so that you can soon integrate all your social media line. Stay tuned for updates.

Once you’ve made the relevant changes to your General Settings, ensure you’ve clicked SAVE.

After setting up your General Settings rules, it’s time to also apply the tax rules you will be using with Hike.

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