Tips: How to Divide Payments By Tags of Line Items in An Order

Tips: How to Divide Payments By Tags of Line Items in An Order

In some industries, customers may require to pay different types of products with different payment types. If it sounds like your business, you can do it with a few clicks in Hike.

First, you will need to enable the feature in your Hike store. To do that, please go to Store setup > General, and tick the option "Group cart payments by product tag" in the section of General Rules, like highlighted in the screenshot below. Please save it after change the settings.

You may have slightly different options in your Hike store. They vary when you have enabled different features.

Then, you can go to Point of sale > Process sale. After you have added the products in the cart and click on PAY, on the payment page, you will have the total payment divided by the tags of the products in the order. You can click on the highlighted area to quickly change the amount tendered to be the payment amount of the tag. In the example below, I have three items in the cart. Two of them have the tag "Meat", and the subtotal of them is $24.99. The other is of the tag "Seafood", and the subtotal is $13. Clicking on "Meat" would change the amount tendered from $37.99 to $24.99. 

Please note, Hike supports assigning multiple tags for a product. However, if you want to use the feature, we would recommend you to have only one tag for each product, because having multiple tags for one product will cause the subtotal of it to be counted for twice or even more, as you may understand. After the option "Group cart payments by product tag" is ticked, the system will disable appending tags for products. It will impact adding or editing a product both manually and via product import.
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