How to Issue A Quote

How to Issue A Quote

In many cases, your customer might ask for a quote first, instead of placing an order straightaway. And, as it hasn't brought you any revenue yet, you might want to exclude it from the sales report and not reserve any stock for it. In Hike, you can do it with the quote feature.

Please note: As of now, quotes are not supported to sync to any integrated platform you have set up.

How to enable the quote feature and issue a quote

In order to issue a quote, you will need to activate the feature in Store setup > General. 

Tick the option highlighted above, and you will get the option to issue a quote on the POS screen. A quote tab will be added to Point of Sale > Process sale, as shown below.

After clicking on "Quote", you will get the alert that it won't impact either stock levels and reports. After confirming it, you can add the products on which you want to quote in the sales cart. The operation here is not much different from processing a sale, but you won't be able to finish issuing the quote until you have added a customer. Then, click on quote button, and you will get it issued successfully.

Please note: Any active discount offers will be applied to the quote automatically, just as sales, as you might have noticed in the screenshot above.

How to find the quote and convert a quote into a sale

To filter the quote, it's as easy as to filter the sales.

You can use the filter bar as how you filter the sales, the dropdown list for sales status, and date picker for the date range.
To convert the quote into a sale, you can simply click on "Convert to sale". You will then be navigated to the POS screen to create the sale with the price in your previous quote.

Regarding how to process sales, please refer to Performing Sales in Hike

How to edit a quote

To edit an open quote, please locate the quote in sales history. Click on it and reopen the quote.

You will be directed to the quote section of the process sale page, and can edit the quote there. Click on QUOTE button after editing it, and the change will be saved to the same quote.

How to discard a quote

Click on the quote in sales history, and you will get the button to discard the quote.

After clicking on the DISCARD button, it will be voided.

How to duplicate a quote

To quickly issue the same quote again, you can click on the DUPLICATE button. It will navigate you to the POS screen to issue the quote. You will have all the line items in the previous quote while the customer is removed, so you can issue another quote from there.

Note: Quote feature is available on Hike Plus plan.
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