How to Set A Delivery Address for A Sale

How to Set A Delivery Address for A Sale

If you provide delivery services to your customers for in-store sales, you are checking the right place. Hike allows you to add a delivery address for a sale, and the information will be recorded in the sales receipt. In order to use the feature, you will need to activate it in the general rules.

The delivery address is not only recorded for the sale, but also under the customer's name. For details on how to manage the delivery address on the customer page, please refer to How to Manage Delivery Addresses of A Customer

Please note: for now, the delivery address cannot sync to any 3rd-party platform you have set up on the integration page.

How to enable the delivery address feature

It is as simple as it is. Please go to Store setup > General, where you will find the option, "Prompt to enter delivery address for every sale". Tick the option, and save it.

How to add, edit or remove a delivery address of a customer

The delivery address/es of a customer will be managed on the POS screen. When you add a customer to the sales cart, you will get the pop-up as shown in the screenshot below.

Click on "Yes", and a window will slide out where you can manage the existing delivery addresses or add a new delivery address for the customer. When editing a recorded delivery address, you will get the option to delete it. Or of course, you can choose to deliver the order to a saved delivery address on the page.

Please note, if you haven't entered any delivery address for this customer before, you won't get the window as the screenshot above, but will get asked to enter a delivery address directly. Also, a delivery address can only be recorded if you add a customer to the sale. It's not supported in walk-in sales.

How to make it shown on receipts

To make sure the delivery address is shown on the receipt, you will need to check the receipt template. For details on how to edit a receipt template, please refer to Creating Receipt Templates in Hike
In general, two steps are needed.
  1. Go to Store setup > Receipt templates, and click on the receipt template which you would like to edit. Make sure you have ticked "Show customer deliver address", and save it. It is ticked by default the first time you activate the delivery address feature.

  2. Go to Point of sale > Cash register, and click on REFRESH DATA at the bottom of the page. Before you do that, we would recommend you check whether all the sales are in your sales history, just to avoid data loss.
Then, all the invoices of the sales in which you added the delivery address will have the address shown.
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