How to configure Hike with TD Bank Canada

How to configure Hike with TD Bank Canada

Hike supports integrated payments with TD Bank on PC, Mac, and iPad via Friska APIs. The integration is supported in Canada. You can easily configure the sync between Hike and the TD Bank Desk/5000 terminal and Move/5000 terminal.

In case your technician asked for it when setting up the terminal, the port number should be 8150.

The instructions below are suitable for Hike users on PC and Mac only. To set up the integration for your Hike store on an iPad, you will need to perform the steps of "New payment setup in Hike" below on a computer or iPad app 'Admin' section. Once actioned, log in to Hike POS Register app on your iPad > go to Settings > General and perform "data sync", This should enable the payment type on your iPad. 

Notes before you start

  1. Please make sure that your payment terminal and POS device (PC/Mac/iPad) are connected to the same Internet. Your POS device will not be able to detect TD payment terminal if it's connected to a different network. Please note: using guest network may also stop your TD terminal from getting found by your computer or tablets.
  2. Please make sure you complete Account Activation Form for TD one business day in advance. Otherwise, you will get the account not activated error in the terminal pairing process.

New payment type setup in Hike 

  1. Login to your Hike store 
  2. Go to Store setup ->Payment types -> ADD PAYMENT TYPE -> enter the payment name -> select TD Bank as payment type -> click “Save"

Confirm the mode on the EFTPOS terminal

  1. Power on the Desk/5000 terminal and connect it to your network. Confirm that the following screen appears on the Desk/5000 terminal. Please note that “Semi-Integrated” must appear at the top of this screen in order for the terminal to support integrated payments.
  2. If the screen below does not appear on your terminal, you will need to enable Semi-Integrated mode first.
Once the above payment type is created in Hike and your terminal is connected to your network and configured in Semi-Integrated mode, your TD terminal is ready to use. 

Install middleware (Only relevant when you are using the terminal with PC/Mac)

  1. You will need a piece of middleware called the Payment Bridge to enable the communication between Hike and the payment terminal EFTPOS machine. To install the middleware, you can run a dummy sale in your store, and choose the new TD Bank Payment Type when checking out. You will be asked to download and install the middleware.

    (The screenshot above is taken on a Mac. If you are using a Windows PC, the screenshot may look a bit different.)
  2. Once the middleware is installed, it will search for your payment terminal on your network.

  3. Once the payment terminal is found by the middleware, the following message will appear which indicates the integrated payments setup is complete. 

  4. You can either follow the prompts on the terminal to complete the Sale or hit the red X button on the terminal to cancel the Sale. There is no more configuration required!

“ACCOUNT NOT ACTIVATED” error when running the dummy sale

If you receive an “ACCOUNT NOT ACTIVATED” error when trying to install the middleware, this indicates that the integrated payments feature has not yet been activated on your Hike account. Please complete the form with the link below and contact Hike support so that we can activate integrated payments on your account. Once activated, you can then complete the steps in the ‘Install middleware” section above.

Process payment using  TD Bank terminal with Hike

  1. Once the TD Bank terminal has been configured, go to the process sale page located at “Point of Sale -> Process sale”. Add item(s) to the cart and click on the "PAY" button. Screen_Shot_2019-06-06_at_1.49.15_pm.png

  2. You'll notice the TD Bank terminal payment type in the list. Select the TD payment type option and follow the prompts on the terminal.

Processing a refund using the  TD Bank Terminal with Hike

To process a refund, please go to “Point of Sale -> Sales history”. Click on “Refund”. Keep the items that you wish to refund and then click on the 'Refund' button on the page.

Here select your TD payment terminal and follow the prompts on the terminal. 

Herewith we've prepared a simple setup video highlighting the configuration and payment processing steps discussed above: 

Set up multiple terminals

You can easily set up multiple terminals with Hike. You may need to set up multiple registers and multiple payment types first. For detailed instructions on how to set up a new register and how to assign a payment type to a specific register, please refer to Setting up your Cash Register in Hike and Creating Payment Types in Hike.


In order to be considered “available”, the payment terminals must be turned on and connected to the same local network as the registers, set up with the correct port number and configured in semi-integrated mode. Please also make sure you have installed the middleware if you are using TD with Hike on a computer.

Step 1. Identify a terminal to use

  1. Please start a first test transaction on the first register.  
  2. Please select the desired terminal for this register. 

    Please note that the MAC address of each terminal is displayed for convenience.
  3. Upon pressing ‘Use terminal’, the transaction is sent to the selected terminal for confirmation.

  4. Upon confirming that the transaction is sent to the desired terminal, cancel the transaction on the payment terminal by hitting the red x and select the close button which completes Step 1 - Identify a terminal to use.
    If the transaction was sent to the incorrect terminal, this step can be repeated until the correct one is identified.

Step 2. Lock the pairing to the terminal

  1. Please start a second test transaction on the first register and is presented with a screen that displays the MAC Address of the terminal that was selected at Step 1. You should confirm this is the desired payment terminal to be used with this register and can ‘lock’ the pairing by using the ‘Always use’ toggle and then, pressing ‘Use this terminal’ which will send the second test transaction to the payment terminal.

  2. Once the transaction is sent to the payment terminal, Step 2 has been completed.  The transaction can then be cancelled on the payment terminal and the “Close” button can be pressed on the screen that appears.

    From that point on, all future transactions from this register will be automatically sent to the paired payment terminal.
    This process can now be repeated for each additional register and payment terminal that needs to be paired.  

How to “Un-Pair”

This step should be used if an incorrect register/payment terminal pairing occurs or if a payment terminal that is paired is swapped for a new payment terminal. To Un-Pair and select another payment terminal to pair with the register:
  1. Please send a transaction to the currently paired payment terminal and then cancel it directly on the payment terminal using the red X on the terminal. The following screen is shown. Pressing the ‘Use another terminal’ button will present a screen with all available terminals. Note that the previously used terminal will appear with a ‘Last used’ mention on this screen to facilitate the selection of the new terminal.

  2. Choose the correct payment terminal to be paired  and click “Use terminal”
  3. Once you confirm the correct payment terminal has been selected follow the instructions provided earlier to ‘lock’ the register/payment terminal pairing.

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