Setting up your Cash Register in Hike

Setting up your Cash Register in Hike

The Cash Register serves as a critical function of your business, given it is the place where your sale transactions are stored.

Indeed, it is also the primary place where you and your staff will process sales, and as such the need for a quick, reliable and secure Cash Register on your point-of-sale is necessary. Fortunately Hike does all of that and more with our built-in Cash Register, capable of handling all sales and reconciling them at the end of day.

On this page, you’ll find some quick start-up guides for opening and closing your Cash Register on any given day as well how to add extra cash in your register in case your need a larger float.

For more information about how to Add, Edit & Delete Cash Registers as well how steps to create a new outlet – for when your business is ready to grow – check out our Outlets & Registers page

Opening & Closing a Cash Register in Hike Overview

Your cash register is an essential part of your retail operations, whereby you are able to manually check your cash and card taking from a day of sale, against the sales and payments made in Hike.

Generally, retailers will open and close their register on a daily basis so as to get the most effective information on all your reports.

Hike affords retailers two ways in which to Open a Cash Register:

  • Via Enter New Sale Screen
  • Via the Cash Register Screen (This is also where you would Close a Cash Register)

As opening and closing a cash register will generally be the first and last actions you perform on a trading day, it’s important to know exactly how to do them.

Here, we’ll walk you through all the information you need to successfully open and close your Hike Cash Register.

Important: A single cash register should not be used in multiple systems. 

Opening a Cash Register | Adding a Float (via Enter New Sale Screen)

As mentioned, Hike offers retailers two options to open their Cash Register:

  • Via Enter New Sale Screen
  • Via the Cash Register Screen

In this section, we’ll cover how to open a Cash Register using the Enter New Sale Screen. You can read all about how to open a Cash Register using the Cash Register Screen here.

To begin, select Point of Sale on the Hike menu and navigate to the Process Sale screen.

Once you’ve entered the Process sale screen, you’ll notice – assuming that no register is presently open – that you will be able to open your register and submit a float right then and there.

Select OPEN REGISTER to bring up the float amount and enter your float value.

Note: Your float is your preset cash amount that you place in your register at the start of each trading day. At the close of each business day, you will reconcile your cash takings with Hike to ensure that your expected takings align with your final float amount. 

Click on OPEN once you have entered the amount, and your cash register will be open, and you will be able to start selling immediately.

Opening a Cash Register (via Cash Register Screen)

The alternative method to open your cash register, involves accessing the Cash Register section via the Hike menu.

To begin, select Point of Sale on the Hike menu and navigate to the Cash Register screen.

On your Cash Register screen, select OPEN REGISTER.

Enter the value of your opening float and click OPEN.

This will now bring up the Cash Register screen, where you can get detailed information on all your transactions.

If you’re looking to add a new Cash Register, get a detailed summary of just exactly how to add one here.

Closing a Cash Register

Once you have completed a sales day, it becomes time to reconcile your sales. This includes calculating your day's cash takings and entering it in Hike POS. 

  1. To close a cash register, select Point of Sale on the Hike menu and navigate to the Cash Register screen.

  2. Before closing your register, ensure that you are satisfied that you have successfully completed the PAYMENT TALLY, as it cannot be amended afterwards.
  3. Once you are satisfied, click on the CLOSE REGISTER button – Hike will assume at this point that you have confirmed that the PAYMENT TALLY is correct. Once this is done, it cannot be undone.
  4. A pop-up window will appear asking you to confirm that Hike will Close This Register.


  5. Select CONTINUE to proceed.
  6. After this, you will be given the option to print a Shift Report, before being returned to the Cash Register section, where you will need to choose your register to begin again.

  7. Please note: Hike recommend to close your register on daily basis as this will help you to do the daily reconcile, it will also help to identify where expected and counted difference come from. 

Counting Cash in the Cash Register

Hike allows you to count cash and enter breakdown of currency denominations in your cash register. This can be useful when you are opening the cash register and entering opening float or while closing your register at the end of a shift to tally the cash in your till. To do this, simply click on the 'Calculator' icon as seen below:

When you click on the icon, a screen will slide open where you in can enter the breakdown of you cash denominations. Click on the Save button once you are done.

You may also choose to edit these denominations by clicking on the 'Edit Denominations' button. In this way, you can either add new, update or delete a denomination.  

Hike would also show this breakdown of the opening and/or closing float in the shift closure report as seen below:

PLEASE NOTE: The 'Net Cash Payment' in the Payment Summary is the sum of all cash payments that were processed during the shift. The total sum of the net cash payments and the opening float will be equal to the 'Expected' value of Cash Payment Type for the shift closure report.

Adding or Removing Cash from the Register

At certain times, it may be necessary to add cash or take cash out of a register during a shift.

This may be because you need to add extra cash to the register, if you needed a larger float, or you may need to remove extra cash from the register during a shift, because you were banking earlier in the day.

Of course, there may be other reasons, but to know what’s coming in and coming out of your Cash Register – aside from sales and/or refunds – it’s important to keep track of it all, so that you balance correctly at the end of the day.

This is more commonly referred to as Cash In / Cash Out and Hike affords retailers a convenient way in which to record all cash put in and taken out of the register.

To view your Cash In / Cash Out summary in your Cash Register you must first select Point of Sale on the Hike menu and navigate to Cash Register.

There you will find a summary section entitled Cash In / Cash Out.

To record your cash movements, select:

  • IN: If you are putting cash in to the Register.
  • OUT: If your taking cash out of the Register.


If you click the IN button, a screen will slide open to record the amount put into the register, and any notes to accompany the reasons why. This will increase the cash payment type on the PAYMENT TALLY.

If you click the OUT button, a screen will slide open to record the amount taken out of the register, and any notes to accompany the reasons why. This will decrease the cash payment type on the PAYMENT TALLY.


Click on SAVE once you have added the amount taken out or put in.

This will then be seen in the Cash In / Cash Out summary box.


The extra funds will be added or removed, and will adjust the Cash Balance in the Payment Tally at the end of the day.

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