Video Tutorials - Advanced features

Video Tutorials - Advanced features

  1. On Account Sales - Complete Process: If you need to learn about how to process On Account Sales or how to pay off On Account balances in your Hike Store, please watch this video.
  2. Completing Stocktakes through Hike: This video shows you how to complete Stocktakes within Hike, such as a Full Stocktake Count, Partial Stocktake Count (Individual Products), and using the Scan Barcode feature to count items in the Stocktake.
  3. Importing Products using a Product File: This video demonstrates how to Import Products into your Hike Store using an Excel/CSV File, using Hike's Import Products feature.
  4. Issuing A Quote: This video goes through the process of Issuing a Quote to a customer in your Hike Store.
  5. Managing Pre-sales with Backorders: This video covers how to create a Backorder within your Hike Store, as well as creating the associated Purchase Order to order items assigned to the Backorder.
  6. Setting a Delivery Address for a Sale: If you need to assign a delivery address for a product when you make a sale, this is the video to watch.
  7. Adding Composite Products to your Hike Store: If you are looking at creating bundles of products where you can track the inventory of the products individually, you will want to watch this video on how to create Composite Products.
  8. Unit of Measure - Selling or Purchasing Products in Bulk: This video covers how to use the Unit of Measure feature in your Hike Store, from creating Units of Measure for your products to selling Units of Measure to your customers and Purchasing Units of Measure from your suppliers.
  9. Using Receipt Templates in Hike: To learn about how to edit and customize your receipt templates in your Hike Store please watch this video.
  10. Using Smart Search in Hike: Find out how to set up and use the Smart Search functionality in your Hike Store by watching this video.

On-Account Sales - Complete Process

00:00 A brief introduction to the On Account process
01:30 Activating the 'On Account' feature in your Hike Store
02:06 Assigning an Account Limit to your Hike Store's customers
03:35 Creating an 'On Account' sale
04:44 Putting a Deposit for an 'On Account' Sale
05:44 Viewing 'On Account' sales in the Sales History
06:51 Editing Account Limits for Customers directly from the Payment area of the Point of Sale screen
07:18 Trying to process an 'On Account' sale where the total exceeds the Account Limit for the customer
08:19 Paying an 'On Account' sale individually via the Sales History section of Hike
09:23 Paying 'On Account' sales in bulk using the 'Bulk Payment' feature in the Customer area of your Hike Store
10:34 Assigning partial payments to customers' 'On Account' balances using the 'Bulk Payment' feature.

Completing Stocktakes through Hike

00:00 A brief introduction on the Stocktake Count process
00:32 Finding the Stocktake Count area in Hike
01:20 Creating a Full Stocktake Count
02:00 Locking Product Inventories while Stocktake Counts are performed
03:25 Navigating through the Stocktake Count
04:22 Counting a product
06:14 Saving the Stocktake Count for later updates
08:24 Marking a Stocktake Count as complete
10:15 Creating a Partial Stocktake Count
11:31 Adding additional products to a Partial Stocktake Count
12:27 How to Scan Barcodes to add counts to the Stocktake
16:20 Deleting Counts (which haven't been marked as completed)

Importing Products using a Product File

00:00 A brief introduction on the Product Imports.
00:18 Recommendations - Backup your existing Product Data.
00:58 Recommendations - Understand how Products work within Hike and how they are displayed.
01:43 Recommendations - Test your updates and changes on a small section of products or examples.
02:38 Product Import Process - Downloading the Hike Product Import File Template.
03:26 Product Import File - Column Mappings for the File and Required Fields for Products
05:54 Exporting your existing Products to an Excel File
06:30 Product Variants in the Product Excel File
08:41 Importing a Product File into your Hike Store
09:55 Mapping the Columns from the Product File to Hike's Product Mappings
11:36 Addressing Errors from Importing a Product File
13:21 Checking the Imported Product is appearing in your Hike Store

Issuing A Quote

00:00 A brief introduction on Issuing a Quote
00:37 Check your Hike Subscription Plan allows you to use the Quote Feature
00:47 Quotes are not synced to Integrations.
01:14 Enabling the Quote Feature in your Hike Store
01:56 Using the Quote Feature
02:48 Adding a customer to the Quote.
04:16 Active Discount Offers in your Hike Store are applied to Quotes.
05:04 Discarding a Quote that hasn't been created.
05:21 Viewing the Quote that has been created.
05:49 Discarding a Quote that has been created (Voided)
06:35 Duplicating a Quote
07:00 Converting a Quote to a Sale
07:39 Viewing a Sale that has been converted from a Quote.

Managing Pre-sales with Backorders

00:00 A brief introduction to Managing Pre-sales with Backorders
00:51 Checking the User Permissions for enabling Backorders
02:33 Turning off 'Allow Out-of-stock Sales' in your Hike Store so that the Backorder feature is displayed
04:01 Create a Backordered Sale
05:45 Viewing the Backorder in the Sales History
06:01 Creating a Purchase Order from the Backorder Sale
08:09 Viewing the Purchase Order and linked Backorders.
09:00 Saving the Purchase Order and Receiving the items to close the Purchase Order
10:26 Completing the Backordered Sale

Setting a Delivery Address for a Sale

00:00 A brief introduction to Setting a Delivery Address for a Sale
00:22 Activating the 'Delivery Address' feature in your Hike Store's General Rules
01:15 Adding Delivery Addresses to Customers in the Customers section of your Hike Store
02:50 Checking the Receipt Template for the 'Show Customer Delivery Address' option.
04:05 Creating a Sale and assigning a Delivery Address to that Sale.
05:44 Finalizing the Sale and viewing the Delivery Address in the Sales Receipt

Adding Composite Products to your Hike Store

00:00 A brief introduction to Adding Composite Products to your Hike Store
00:30 Example of a Simple Product used for selling a group of products with no Individual Inventory tracking.
01:22 Creating a Composite Product
02:22 Adding Component Products to the Composite Product
03:38 Marking Individual Products as 'Part of a Composite Product, cannot be sold individually.'
04:28 Checking inventory levels before processing a Composite Product Sale
04:50 Processing a Sale of a Composite Product
05:22 Checking inventory levels after processing a Composite Product Sale

Unit of Measure - Selling or Purchasing Products in Bulk

00:00 A brief introduction on the Unit of Measure feature
00:50 Creating a Simple Product
03:07 Assigning a Unit of Measure to the Simple Product
04:50 Creating a Variant Product
07:25 Assigning Units of Measure to Product Variants
10:06 Adding and Editing Units of Measure via Excel Spreadsheet files 
11:15 Exporting the Unit of Measure Spreadsheet file from your Hike Store
11:44 Editing the Unit of Measure Spreadsheet file
13:23 Importing the Unit of Measure Spreadsheet file to your Hike Store
15:23 Selling a Simple product and its associated Unit of Measure item
17:04 Selling Product Variants and its associated Unit of Measure items
18:50 Adding Unit of Measure items to Purchase Orders that are sent to suppliers

Using Receipt Templates in Hike

00:00 A brief introduction on the Receipt Template feature
01:14 Viewing the Default Receipt Template for your Hike Store
01:58 Thermal Receipt / A4 Receipt Views and Assigning additional information to the Receipts
04:24 Setting the Font Size on Receipts
05:50 Adding additional Receipt Templates to your Hike Store
06:47 Assigning different Receipt Templates to your Hike Store's Register/s
08:14 Refreshing Register data to ensure the new Receipt Template is applied to the Hike Store Register
09:03 Opening a sale to check the Receipt Template has been applied correctly
10:03 Deleting non-default Receipt Templates

Using Smart Search in Hike

00:00 A brief introduction on the Smart Search feature
00:40 Access to Smart Search for Hike Plus subscription plans
01:01 Enabling Smart Search in your Hike Store
01:42 Opening Smart Search wheel icon in Hike POS screen and testing the various filter options
02:44 Need help or further assistance, please contact us via your Hike store or at 

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