Setting up your 7Qi/7Mi/7Ci Socket Mobile Scanner for iPad

Setting up your S700 Socket Mobile Scanner for iPad or Android tablet

The Socket Mobile Scanner is a compact, lightweight device that makes scanning barcodes a breeze. Connect via wireless Bluetooth technology, the scanner is easy to connect with your point-of-sale system.

Completely compatible with Hike POS and the tablet, the socket mobile scanner is an ideal fit for retailers in their asset tracking, barcode scanning and inventory management undertakings. Simply point and click the socket mobile at your stock when doing a large-scale inventory count, for a fast and streamlined process.

Configuring Socket Mobile Scanner for iPad or Android tablet

The Socket Mobile Scanner connects to your tablet using a Bluetooth connection, meaning that regardless of your internet connection, you will always be able to scan barcodes using the scanner with Hike POS. Please note, the screenshots below are taken on an iPad, while the scanner pairing is similar on an Android tablet.

To begin, press and hold the small power button on the Socket Mobile until the LED light turns blue. You will also hear the device beep twice – once at a low volume, then at a high volume.


Now that it’s turned on, you’ll need to configure it for use with your tablet.

First, you will need to set the device into application mode, so that any product you scan will automatically be added to the Hike sale.

To do this, simply take your Socket Mobile, and scan this barcode – either directly on the screen or by printing it out.

When you hear the Socket Mobile beep 3 times, it will mean that the scanner has successfully been enabled into the application mode.


Next, you will need to connect your tablet with the Socket Mobile and to do this, click on Settings (Gear Icon) on your tablet.


Once you are in the Settings screen, select the Bluetooth option, and sure that it is toggled ON.

When ON, you will be able to have your tablet find the Socket Mobile Scanner device.

TAP the device that appears as Socket CHS [xxxxxx] – the suffix indicating a model number – and wait several moments until it shows that it has CONNECTED with the tablet.

Once completed, you will be able to use your Socket Mobile Scanner to scan barcodes in your store.


Unpairing the Socket Mobile Scanner: Deleting a Bluetooth Pairing

In instances where your Socket Mobile Scanner has already been connected to another tablet or device, it will not be discoverable again.

As such, if the Scanner is paired with another device, you should unpair it before trying to connect to a new device. To unpair your Socket Mobile Scanner, you will need to:

  1. Power on the Socket Mobile Scanner
  2. Press and hold down the trigger button.
  3. Press and hold down the power button.
  4. After you hear 3 beeps, release both buttons.

The Socket Mobile Scanner will unpair and automatically power off. The next time you power it on, it will be discoverable.


You can also remove the Socket Mobile Scanner from the Bluetooth list on the iOS device in which was being connected to.

Go to Settings > Bluetooth, and next to where the Socket CHS [xxxxxx] name, tap ‘Forget this Device’.

Using the Socket Mobile Scanner

Your Socket Mobile Scanner is an easy to use, device that uses a simple point and click mechanism for faster scanning.

When scanning a barcode, click the trigger button, with the scanner head facing the barcode directly.


Indeed, make sure that you aim the scan beam straight across the entire barcode. Once you’ve done that successfully a green light will appear of the Socket Mobile’s LED light, along with a small vibration.


Your Socket Mobile scanner (and tablet) will also enter sleep mode, if they are unused for a long enough time. When this happens, your Socket Mobile will be disconnected from your tablet.

To reconnect the scanner, you will need to open Hike again on your tablet, and turn the scanner ON.

Wait approximately 30 seconds, and the scanner will automatically reconnect to Hike. You will hear a beep when this happens.

For more information on using the Socket Mobile Scanner, check out the device’s User Manual here.

For the support of the scanner, please refer to