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My Account

Once you’ve decided to go with Hike POS (welcome aboard!) you’ll need to learn the ropes on how to manage your Hike account as well as viewing your Hike bills.

On this page, we’ll go through the various steps and questions users have about managing their subscription with Hike.

Remember, if you have any further queries you can always speak to a member of our support team by clicking on the Need Help icon at the top right of your Hike screen, and selecting Chat with Support.


Activating your Hike Account

Your main port of call for managing anything Hike account related will be on your My Account page.

To get to your My Account page, simply select Store Setup on your Hike menu and navigate to the My Account screen.


Here you will find all relevant details regarding your account overview, billing history, billing information and your contact details.


To begin your activation of Hike, you must first select your plan. To do this, simply click on SELECT PLAN from the Account Overview box.

A new page will slide open, with Hike’s various plans detailed. If you have already started trialing Hike and have added outlets and registers, Hike will automatically grey out the options that are unavailable to you based on your outlets/registers/features.

You can also toggle the box at the top to choose between paying monthly or yearly (Note the various cost differences).

For a full breakdown on Hike’s pricing click here or contact Hike directly for more details.

When you have the plan you want, click on SELECT THIS PLAN.

A new Payment Summary box will then appear, detailing your plan and the subscription date of your first payment (monthly or yearly).

Note: The subscription begins on the day you subscribe.

If you have a coupon code, make sure that you enter it in the textbox as well.

Once finalised hit Pay & Subscribe.


You will then be prompted to add your credit card details. Hike will take a moment or two to authorize the transaction, but once it has you’ll be good to go!

Changing your Subscription Plan

If the time comes where you need to upgrade or even downgrade your Hike subscription, as your store requirements have changed, doing so on Hike is quite easy.

To do this, simply click on SELECT PLAN from the Account Overview box.

As it would when selecting a plan for the first time, Hike will automatically grey out the options that are not available to you as per your outlets/registers/features.

For a full breakdown on Hike’s pricing click here or contact Hike directly for more details.

You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan at any time, and your new subscription fee will adjust to consider any amount already paid. For instance, if you are halfway through the month, and change your plan, your new plan will be reduced by the half-month fee you have already paid.

Adding or Removing a Register

All Hike subscription plans include one register by default.

Adding a new register to your Hike POS system allows you to operate sales at multiple terminals, making for a faster and easier checkout experience.

Charges for additional registers will be paid monthly in advance, with the option to add or remove additional registers at any time. There is no refund if you cancel the additional register midway through month.

The charges for any additional register, will be done every month in advance, and from the date it was first activated – and not from the subscription plans.

All payments will be charged to the same credit card as used for the subscription.

To find out how to add or remove registers, check out our support article.

Yearly or Monthly Billing

When choosing your subscription plan you will be able to select whether you want your bills to be charged every month or by every year.

Yearly Billing will require you pay the entire 12 months of Hike POS access, up-front. Billing monthly, as the name suggests, will only charge you for your subscription once a month.

The advantages of yearly billing include a reduction in credit card processing fees, as well as the substantial discount compared to monthly billing.

Updating your Credit Card Details

To update your credit cards details, on your My Account page, under Billing Information and your Primary Credit Card select EDIT.


You will then be prompted to enter your new card details. Click on Update Card once done.


Alternatively, you can Delete your credit card from Hike POS, by selecting Remove.

A pop-up box will appear asking if you’d like to permanently delete your credit from the system. Click on Yes to continue.

Note: You will need to add another credit card to avoid interruptions with your Hike subscription.


Putting your Account On Hold

If your business is cyclical, in that it opens for a time before closing and then re-opening, then putting your Hike account ‘On Hold’ may be a feature that will be useful for you.

With our ‘On Hold’ service, Hike will save all your data for a nominal fee, which you will then have access to once you resume your store. You will not have access to your data or be able to make any changes while your account in on hold.

To learn more about our ‘On Hold’ service, please contact our customer support team today and they’ll be able to answer all your questions.

Data Purge

On your My Account page, there is an option to purge all your data.

This will permanently delete all your products, and sales related data.  The Data Purge function is most commonly used when Hike users create test sales and other data during their trial period that they don't want in the system (that will show up in reporting and dashboards) when they are ready to use Hike POS for live sales. We do not advise using this for live transactions and sales.

To begin your data purge, simply select the Purge Data button.


This will slide open a new window where you’ll be able to select which data you want purged.


SELECT the categories that you want purged:

Delete sales records created by:

This operation will delete sales transactions created by selected user/s. It will also impact relevant records such as shift report, end of the day totals & customer transaction history.

You can also choose which user you want to have the data purged from, by selecting the drop-down box.


Delete all products and related records

This will delete all products and related transactions such as sales, inventory, purchase orders and customer order history.

Delete customer records

This will delete all the customer records

Delete products

Clear all your products information.

Delete gift cards

This will delete all gift card transactions including those with available balance. We suggest printing out a gift cards balance report for reference and verification before you delete these data.

Supplier and purchase order records

This will delete all supplier and purchase order records.

Once you have marked all the records that you want purge, click on Purge Selected


A new pop-up window will then appear asking you to confirm the data purge. Select Continue to proceed.


Your marked data will now be purged.

If you do require recovery of your records, Hike cannot guarantee all records are recoverable, and may charge a fee for any records that can be recovered. This would be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Cancelling your Hike Subscription

To cancel your subscription in Hike, you will need to select Cancel My Subscription.

A pop-up window will then appear with two options:

Click the CANCEL button to prevent any changes, or

Click the CONTINUE button to permanently delete your Hike subscription.

Should you decide to cancel your subscription, we completely respect your decision, however, we would greatly appreciate any feedback on what prompted this decision.

Either reply to any of our emails or contact us at

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