How to add a Standard Product to Hike

How to add a Standard Product to Hike

This guide advises how to add a single or Standard Product to Hike. Note, once you do this, you cannot later add variants to that product. To add variants, refer this article: Add Product Variants 

How to add a New Product to Hike

Go to Products > Products, this page lists all your existing products. Click on the +ADD PRODUCT button

This will open the Add Products page. Note you will be able to come back to this page to edit everything except one detail. You cannot add variants once a standard product has been created.

We will work through the sections in the centre of the screen, then work through the items on the right.


Tick one of the three options

  • Simple product, no variants

    For a single product, ie a shirt
  • Product with variants

    For a product that has variations, ie a shirt in small, medium, large
  • Composite product

    For a product created with two or more products. A bundle.


  • Product name

    The only mandatory item, this is the name of your product
  • Description

    Optional - a short description of your product, visible in Hike and some third parties
  • SKU

    Optional - if no Shop Keeping Unit inserted, Hike will automatically create. If Hike uploads data from spreadsheets or third parties, will use SKU as reference and upadate accordingly
  • Barcode

    Optional - if no Barcode inserted, Hike will automatically create. The barcode and SKU may be the same
  • Sales code

    May be used by third party accounting programs, do not use unless approved by Hike
  • Purchase code

    May be used by third party accounting programs, do not use unless approved by Hike
  • Supplier code

    Optional- This is code for your supplier of his product
  • Custom field

    Optional- Additional information about this product. ex. Shelf location, expiry date.
  • Serial number enabled product

    Optional- If you track products with serial numbers, by selection this option, system will prompt cashier to enter the serial number of the product at the check-out.
  • Exclude this product from any and all discount offer

    Optional- This will remove any existing discount offers from this product at the check-out. No discount will be applied on this product if this option is selected.


  • Track inventory for this product- 
    • Click to OFF button, nothing further to do
    • Click to ON button, further options open up
      • Allow selling even if this item is out of stock - ticking this box allows sales to occur even if no stock, or not ticking will prevent sales when 0 stock
      • Add stock levels to store. If you have multiple outlets, can edit all at once
        • On-hand - can amend to update to show newly amended stock levels
        • Available stock - Hike will display current stock levels
        • Reorder point- can set trigger where you will be alerted if stock falls below this limit
        • Reorder quantity- when re-ordering stock, will be prompted on Purchase Order to buy this amount of stock if Reorder point reached
  • If you have multiple outlets you will get an additional option -  Same retail price for all outlets  
    • Click to ON button, nothing further to do
    • Click to OFF button, further options open up under Pricing


Enter the pricing of your product. If you clicked the OFF button to Same retail price for all outlets, will set unique price for each outlet

  • Your cost

    The tax free cost of your product (used for reports & Purchase Orders)
  • Mark-up %

    Will display percentage markup from cost (if cost or tax rate change, will change final price)
  • Tax rate

    Will display default tax rate, or choose from the Tax rates you created from the drop down list
  • Retail Price (Inc Tax)

    This is final purchase price, will include tax if this option set in Store setup > General
  • Retail Price (Ex Tax)

    This is final purchase price, will not include tax if this option set in Store setup > General


  • You can add one image, being a JPG/JPEG/PNG file with a maximum 1MB size. This image may sync to connected third party programs, but only one image is held by Hike. The image will be seen on the Enter sale screen to make it easier to find. Once you add an image, you can only replace with another image or highlight colour, you cannot delete the image.
  • You can select a highlight colour instead of an image. This may make it easier to colour code, or to help distinguish between products.

If no choice is made, the product will appear on the Enter sale screen with a grey highlight colour.


You can control who can see your products

  • Point of Sale

    Untick this box to hide the product from the Enter Sale screen, can only be found in Products section

      Button- next to Point of Sale, if you have multiple outlets can choose which outlets do or do not see this product. Clicking will slide out a window to tick the relevant Outlet
  • Ecommerce

    Untick this box to hide from third party online stores. Note if the product already exists, Hike may not be able to hide it on the Ecommerce site. You may need to adjust manually.


This section you can label your product to be easier to find

  • Product types

    Formerly known as Categories, groups your products into types. Can have multiple Product types. Simply type the Product type name in the field, will filter to display already-created types, or can add new type.
    Can always edit in Products > Product Types
  • Suppliers

    Can assign a Supplier to the product. Can have multiple Suppliers. Simply type the Supplier name in the field, will filter to display already-created Suppliers, or can add new Supplier(name only).
    Can always edit in Inventory > Suppliers
  • Brand

    Can assign a Brand to a product. Can have multiple Brands. Simply type the Brand name in the field, will filter to display already-created Brands, or can add new Brand.
    Can always edit in Products > Brands
  • Tags

    Can assign a Tag to a product. Can have multiple Tags. Simply type the Brand name in the field, will filter to display already-created Tags, or can add new Tag.
    Can always edit in Products > Tags
  • Season

    This feature is currently being worked on. When complete will be able to do the following:
    Can assign a Season to a product. Can have multiple Seasons. Simply type the Season name in the field, will filter to display already-created Seasons, or can add new Season.
    Can always edit in Products > Season
    As of now the above features are not available for this one item.
  • Additional Loyalty Points

    You can override your standard loyalty rewards and specify more/less points for this product


By adding optional extras, at the Enter Sale screen, when you choose the main product, a window will slide out, offering these optional extras. You can choose to close the window, they do not need to be added to sale.

  • Start typing the existing product name you wish to offer with the main product
  • Select the product to offer
  • Start typing again to choose another product


At the bottom of the screen are the CANCEL button or SAVE button

  • Click CANCEL button to delete everything. It can not be recovered
  • Click SAVE button to create product. You can always return to edit the product at any time.

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