Add Variants To An Existing Variant Product

Add Variants To An Existing Variant Product

Hike allows you to add more variants to an existing variant product.

Please note, you cannot change a simple product to a variant product once the product is saved, so you can only add variants to a variant product.

Add new variants

When you want to add variants to an existing variant product, please visit the product page of the variant product and click on ADD VARIANT as highlighted below.

A window will slide out for you to enter the variant values, for example, the colour and the size of the new variant.

After entering the value, please click on SAVE.

Then, the new variant will be displayed in the list of variants as shown below.

Enter the SKU, barcode, cost price and other information of the new variant and save the change after finishing it.

Add new variant options

If you want to add a new variant option of the product, for example, the material of it, you can add it by clicking on EDIT OPTIONS.

A window will slide out, in which you can add new variant options after clicking on ADD ANOTHER VARIANT. You can choose one from the dropdown list, or enter your own. Add a variant value and then the new variant option and value will be added to the existing variants. 


  1. Only one variant value can be entered for the already saved variant product on this page. If you want to add variants in bulk, please refer to Importing Products via Excel Files.
  2. When creating the variant product first time, it will allow you to enter multiple variant values.
  3. Three attributes can be added for the product at the most.

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