Export A Purchase Order

Export A Purchase Order

In Hike, You can Export a Purchase Order into 4 different types as per you find it suitable.

You can export ‘Opened Purchase Order’ & ‘Partially Received Purchase Order’ as per the following steps.
Open the ‘Opened Purchase Order’ or ‘Partially Received Purchase Order’.
Scroll down the screen & select the “EXPORT” Drop down Button as per the below screenshot.

You will get 3 options to Export PO pas per below screenshot: 

- Export this PO

- Export this PO (PDF)

- Export item list (Excel)

You can expert ‘Received, Closed Purchase Order’ & ‘Returned Purchase Order’ as per the following steps.


Open the ‘Received, Closed Purchase Order’ or ‘Returned Purchase Order’.

Scroll down the screen to bottom and & Select the “ACTION” Button as per below screenshot.

Purchase Order Export:

1. Export this PO: 

This Exported file will be the Spreadsheet. It will include the data as per below.


- Product name, SKU, Barcode, Supplier code, Ordered, Received, Cost (Ex. Tax) , Tax, Cost (Inc. Tax), Discount (₹), Retail price (₹), Retail amount (₹), Received (₹), Total (₹), Trading name, Reference#, Order date, Deliver to, Expected date, Supplier, Status, Subtotal(Tax inclusive prices), Total tax, Total retail price, Total retail amount, Freight, Total Received, Additional order discount, Total orders, Note etc.

2. Export this PO (PDF):

This exported file will be the PDF, it includes all data as per above file.

It is more printing friendly to understand.


Below Screenshot will show the Exported PO in form of PDF.

3. Export Item List (PDF):

Below screenshot will show the Exported item list in the form of PDF.

It will includes details about Product name, SKU, Ordered, Received, Retail Price & Retail Amount and the rest details are excluded.

4. Export item List (Excel):

The exported file is a spreadsheet. It is to help you with updating the data in the purchase order in bulk. Please check, "Adding Products Into Purchase Orders Via Spreadsheetsfor details on how to add products into the purchase order.


This file will include details as follows as: Product name, SKU, Barcode, Qty, Tax name, New cost, Cost change type etc.

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