Configure Customer Display

Configure Customer Display

To improve the purchasing experience of your customers, you may want to show them what they are buying when you are adding the products in the order. Hike supports sharing order details with your customers on a second screen. As of now, the following combinations are supported. More support, such as the customer display app on Android tablets, is on the way. Please stay tuned.
  1. Use Hike Register app to sell on an iPad; use Customer Display app to show order details on a second iPad
  2. Use Hike to sell on a computer; share order details on the same computer, on a different computer, or in the browser of a tablet 
The following instructions explain how to activate and configure the customer display on different devices.
  1. Activate customer display feature
  2. Configure customer display on iPad
  3. Configure customer display on PC/Mac (browser-based solution)
  4. Unpair customer display

Activate customer display feature

Before configuring customer display, you will need to first activate it in your store. The activation needs to be done in register settings, so you will need to access your store with a browser. If you are using your iPad, to complete the activation, you can either use the browser on your iPad to access your store or do it in the Admin section of your Hike app.
  1. Log into your store and navigate to the Store setup >> Outlets & registers
  2. Click on "activate" beside the register for which you would like to activate customer display.

  3. Choose the device on which you would use customer display. If you would like to use it on iPad, please choose "customer display for iPad"; if you want to use it on a computer, please choose "customer display for web".

  4. (Optional) In section "ADD MARKETING / PROMOTIONAL SLIDES FOR CUSTOMER DISPLAY", you can upload images you would like to show for marketing purposes. When you are not processing any sales, the customer display app/screen will slide-show the images that you upload here.
The activation is completed. You can close the window of the acivation/configuration page if you want. If you have customer display activated, it will show "in use" beside the register. You can always get back to the page to activate, deactivate, change the settings of your customer display by clicking on "in use" or "activate" here.

Configure customer display on iPad

Important notes before configuring customer display on iPad:
  1. As of now, if you would like to use the customer display app on iPad, you will need to use Hike Register app to process sales on iPad.
  2. Please make sure you have customer display for iPad chosen when you activate or configure customer display.
  3. You will need to have a separate iPad as your customer display terminal for each terminal. For example, if you would like to use customer display for 2 of your registers, you will need 4 iPads in total, one for each register and one for the customer display of each register.
  4. The iPads must be connected to the same network.
  5. Please install the "Customer Display for Hike POS" app from App Store on the iPad for customer display. You can also find the right app by clicking on the link here on your iPad.
  6. Please make sure both the POS app and the customer display app have access to Bluetooth and local network. If you are not sure, please check the privacy settings on your iPad.
Now, let's start configuring customer display.
  1. Open the Hike Register app on iPad 1. Log into the register for which you've activated customer display, and go to Menu > Settings > Hardware in the app.
    If the "hike customer display" option is on, and you can see a 6-digit code here, please proceed to step 2.
    If the "hike customer display" option is off, please go to Settings > General settings in the app and click on "data sync". Once it's completed, please come back to Settings > Hardware. You should then be able to see the option on.
  2. Open the Customer Display app on iPad 2. You will be prompted to enter a 6-digit code. Enter the code you get from step 1, and click on the pair button.
It's all set and you are ready to go. If you have uploaded the marketing images when activating customer display, you will see the images on the screen. If you haven't, you will see the screen of your sales cart, as below.

Configure customer display on PC/Mac (browser-based solution)

Important notes before configuring customer display on PC/Mac:
  1. As of now, if you would like to use customer display on PC/Mac, you will need to use Hike with Chrome on PC/Mac.
  2. Please make sure you have customer display for web chosen when you activate or configure customer display.
  3. You can use POS and customer display on the same computer with multiple monitors, or multiple computers. If you are using multiple computers, please make sure that they are connected to the same network.
  4. The customer display solution is web-based, if you have "customer display for web" chosen. Thus, technically, you can also use customer display with a browser on your tablet.
Now, let's start configuring customer display.
  1. If you have closed the window after activating customer display, please click on "in use" to open it again.
  2. You will see the link of your customer display portal on the page. It should be a link like
    Paste or enter it into the address bar of the browser which you are planning to use for customer display.
  3. On the customer display portal, you will be asked to enter the 6-digit sync code you get on the configuration page. Enter it and click on the pair button.
The customer display portal is all set and ready. On your computer used for POS, please go to Point of sale > Cash register, and click on the refresh data at the bottom. After reloading the process sale screen, your customer display portal is connected with your POS.

You can verify the connection status in your Hike store on the POS device. You should see a 'Register' icon on the top right next to the 'Need Help' icon, which will have a green circle that you can click on, indicating that the Customer Display is connected and in sync with the POS register.

Unpair customer display

The feature of unpairing customer display is not supported at the moment. If you would need to unpair customer display, here are the workarounds.
  1. If you are using the customer display app on your iPad, please delete the customer display app and install it again.
  2. If you are using the customer display portal, please clear the cache and history of the browser for customer display.

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