Adding, Editing and Switching User IDs and Permissions in Hike

Adding, Editing & Switching User IDs & Permissions in Hike

If your store has a number of staff, working in various capacities, it’s imperative that your point-of-sale solution is capable of handling such tasks.

Fortunately, Hike affords retailers with an expansive employee management system, whereby store owners can create as many users as necessary, to fit their staff, in order to run their business effectively.

Moreover, Hike lets you set what type of access each of those users will have, and change those permissions, if necessary, on the fly.

The various functionality features included in Hike’s employee management system include:

  • Staff members to log in with email addresses & passwords.
  • A PIN number is required when the Hike screen locks, or if staff switches users at the register.
  • Users can get request new passwords, which will be emailed to them if they have forgotten them.
  • Any staff member, that has been granted the appropriate levels of access, are able to edit their details to create a new password or PIN number.

These features (and more!) make Hike a perfect solution for owners that are looking for a simpler employee management experience.

Users Overview

Before we start looking at how to set up new Users in Hike, let’s look at the Users screen in Hike, to give you a complete overview of what’s on the screen so that you can better familiarize yourself with it.

To begin, select Users on the Hike menu and navigate to the Users screen.


This is where you’ll find all the users you’ve currently created on Hike, and where you’ll be able to add or edit new ones, as per your staff.


Used the FIND search box, to search for a user which you do by either First Name or Last Name.


Users List View

The Users List View is in reference to the columns occupying this section. Below we’ll go through what each column means:


The name of the User. You can also insert a photo of the User when you create/edit them.


The employee’s role within the business, i.e., Cashier, Manager, Administrator.


The current status of the User. YES, will indicate that the user is currently active.


By clicking on the Action dropdown box, you will have the option to Edit, Delete or change the Permissions of the User.


To find out more on how to edit User IDs

To find out more on how to set user permissions.

How to Add New Users in Hike

Hike not only gives retailers the options to create as many users as they need, to run their store effectively, it also makes the process of adding new staff, a breeze.

To begin, select Users on the Hike menu and navigate to the Users screen.


Click on the +ADD USER button to begin creating your new User and open up a new dialog box.

User Information

Here you will enter information about the new employee.



Clicking on the image will allow you to upload a picture of the employee.


Add the employee’s First Name. This is a mandatory field.


Add the employee’s Surname. This is a mandatory field.

Email Address

Add the employee’s email address. This is a mandatory field and will be used to reset a password if forgotten, and a manager is not there to reset it.


Phone Number

Add the employee’s phone number. This is an optional field.


Give the account a username. This is a mandatory field.

Set Random Password

If ticked, Hike will generate a random password.

If unticked, you must manually create a password, and re-type it to confirm the password.

User PIN

Add a 4-digit PIN number. This is a mandatory field. It doesn’t have to be unique to every user.

Once you have completed the mandatory fields on the User Information page, you can click on the NEXT button to move on to the next step – assigning roles. If you haven’t completed all the mandatory fields, the NEXT button will be greyed out.

Additional options.

Overriding the store's language and timezone settings and use following when this user logs in .

This will use user specific language and time zone for this specific user. If the Store language is English and one of your user is Spanish, you can keep the Spanish language for this user.

Enable two factor authentication

An additional layer of security if you require. An email will be sent with the code to enter after you log in with your user name and Password. The user will not be able to log in without the code if this option is selected.

Set sales target for this user

You can set-up daily, monthly or yearly target for the users.


This is where you will select which type of role you will assign to your new user.



The admin has default access to everything in Hike. This can be customized.


The cashier has limited access to tasks, related to the immediate sale. This can be customized.


The manager has default access to everything in Hike. This can be customized.

Click on Next to continue.


Here, you will select the store you wish your new user to be given access to.

If your store is a multi-store, staff can have access to multiple locations as well.

Click the SAVE button to complete the creation of your new user.

How to Edit & Delete a User in Hike

Whether you need to edit a User in Hike or even just Delete, Hike makes the process for doing that easy as well.

With your Users appearing in the Users List View (accessed via the Hike menu), simply click on the ACTIONS button next to the corresponding user, you want to Edit or Delete.


Selecting Edit will take you back to the User Information dialog box, where you’ll be able to edit the user details as necessary.

Selecting Delete will open a new pop-up box asking you to confirm the deletion of the User. Click YES to continue.


Setting User Permissions in Hike

Hike gives retailers complete freedom in how they want their staff to view and access the various parts of Hike. Different roles may require different permissions and Hike’s employee tree management system makes it easy to select which areas are accessible to which users.

To begin setting user permissions in Hike, select Users on the Hike menu and navigate to the Users screen.


You will then be taken to the Users List View, where you can start editing the permissions of a user by clicking on the ACTIONS button, next to the user you’d like to change the permissions of.

Click on PERMISSIONS to open a new dialog box.


From here, you will see a complete breakdown of Hike’s menu tree, available for you to select what the User will have access to.


Click on the + icon next to each section, to expand the list of options further.

Simply tick the selections you want the user to have access to, and untick the ones that you don’t, enabling you to specify exactly what the user can and can’t do. If you change the permission for one cashier, it will not affect the permissions for another cashier.

To revert any of your selections to their default settings, click on RESET SPECIAL PERMISSIONS.


Note: This function is not available on Hike’s start-up plan but is available on all other plans.

How to Switch Users in Hike

If your business requires multiple staff to log in and log out of Hike POS, then you will need to know how to Switch Users.

In Hike, this is done, by clicking on the current username icon, located in the top right-hand corner, and selecting Switch User.


You will then be prompted to select which User will be now logging into Hike.

Ensure you have already created the necessary User ID.


When you’ve selected the user, enter the user's 4-digit PIN.

If you need to reset your PIN, see your Administrator and they can reset it by Editing the User.


Once you have entered in your PIN correctly, Hike will log the previous user out, and log you in.

It’s that easy!

Hiding costs in Stock Transfers:

Many businesses decide to keep the costs invisible to their staff members while performing the stock transfer from one outlet to another in order to maintain confidentiality.

To restrict the permission to access the costs in stock transfer, the admin can remove the access to view the stock transfer cost from their user permission section. To remove the permission, navigate to Users > Users > Search for the user > Actions > Permissions > Inventory > Transfers > Uncheck the box for “View stock transfer cost”.

Once you hide the stock transfer cost for any users then they will not be able to view the costs column while creating/viewing the stock transfers. Here is the screenshot of how it will look like when the permission to cost is restricted:

Hiding costs in Purchase Orders:

To restrict the permission to access the purchase costs in purchase orders, the admin can remove the access to view the purchase costs from their user permission section. To remove the permission, navigate to Users > Users > Search for the user > Actions > Permissions > Inventory > Purchase orders > Uncheck the box for “View purchase cost”.

Sale: Cashier/user cannot process parked sales:

With this additional permission, you can select the user who will have option to process Park sales in Hike. All users have this permission selected by default. if you wish any users to stop parking the sale, you can un-check the following option from user permission section.

Sale: Cashier/user cannot modify sales price on the POS page:

With this additional permission, Modify product price on checkout for a particular sale, a user can provide the discount but cannot change the Sale price of the product on the POS page. The discount applied can also be permitted by the Admin or Manager if required.

This is a great feature to limit the discounts applied by cashiers when the Admins/managers are away.

Language and Time zone preference (PC & Mac only)

For most Hike users, your staff members will use the same language and time zone. In this case, you can set organization-level language preference from within the 'General settings section.

However, should your users require different language/time zone settings, Hike also lets you set this by the user.  Hike lets you override the Hike Store's default language/time zone settings and choose language and time zone preferences by the individual user.  

For this, simply go to Users > Click to edit the profile for a user.  You can then tick the 'I’d like to override store’s language & time zone settings and use the following when I’m logged in:' option in the user's information page, as shown in the screenshot below.  You can then change the language/time zone preferences and then click on the 'Language' or 'Time zone' drop-down menu to change the preference.

Once the preference is updated, save it and then sign out of Hike. Before you sign out, make sure that (if any) offline transactions, they are synced with your store's Hike cloud. After signing out, clear your browser's history. Log back into Hike. You'll notice that Hike is now displayed in your updated preferred language.

For Arabic uses, we have added a feature where you can select whether you want the Dot or Comma as a decimal separator when selecting the language.

If the store admin uses English or another language and a specific user uses Arabic, this option will allow the user to select the decimal separator per the region.

Note: This function is only available on the Hike Plus plan.

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