When Cash Drawer does not open

When Cash Drawer does not open

Before installing the application and while configuring the settings, or in emergencies when you cannot operate from the application, you can use the lock release lever to open the cash drawer by hand.

Also if the drawer open function is effective with the multi-function button, you can use the multi-function button to open the drawer.


This product is not equipped with security functions like a safe.

When using this product to deal with cash, take full responsibility in its management. We will not be held responsible for any damages incurred in regard to money when using this product.

Use the lock release lever

1. Release the main body from being secured

Free the mPOP unit which is secured by brackets or the mount kit.

2. Open the cash drawer

With the left side or right side of mPOP at the bottom, lift, and operate the lock release lever located towards the back on the bottom surface.

Insert something slim and tapered in the hole of the lock release lever (like a pen) and by sliding this to the front side, the cash drawer will open.


  • As tilting mPOP too much will cause the contents of the cash drawer to spill out when the drawer is opened, do not tilt more than necessary when lifting mPOP.
  • Be careful as the cash drawer will spring open.

Use the multi-function button

If the cash drawer open function is enabled for the multi-function button, the cash drawer can be opened using the multi-function button.

To enable or disable the multi-function button, contact the seller.

1. Turn power on

Press the power switch on the side of mPOP.

2. Pull out printer

Push the front face of the printer to unlock and pull out the printer.

3. Open cash drawer

Press and hold (1 second or more) the multi-function button to open the cash drawer.


  • Be careful as the cash drawer will spring open.
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