What is Advanced User Permission in One store and Multi-store Plan?

What is Advanced User Permission in Hike Plus Plan?

Advanced User Permission in Hike Plus Plan

Every business has different rules on operations and this advanced feature helps those retail shops where there are multiple employees working and the owner requires some kind abstraction to share business data with their employees.  Please note: the Hike Plus Subscription Plan is the equivalent of the previous Hike One-Store/Multi-Store plans which also has access to Advanced User Permission.


During the free trial of Hike, you have full control to share certain permissions and access to areas of Hike with your employees. To enjoy this exciting feature Go-to Users—ADD USER—ACTIONS—Permission.  If you wish to continue having access to these Permissions after your trial has expired, you will need to subscribe to the Hike Plus subscription plan.


Make changes as you wish and hit SAVE.


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