What Are The Minimum Requirements for Android Devices to Use Hike?

What Are The Minimum Requirements for Android Devices to Use Hike?

You can use the Hike POS and Hike Scanner apps on your Android tablet. The Hike Scanner app is also supported on an Android smart phone.

Here are the links for the Android Hike apps in Google Play Store:

To ensure a smooth experience when using Hike on your tablets, here are the recommended tech specifications.
RAM size: 2GB or above
ROM/Storage size: 64GB or above (Please make sure the unused storage is more than 2GB)
OS version: Android 9 (Pie) or above
Screen sizes: 8.4", 10.3" (The screen size can be ignored if you are using Inventory Scan by Hike.)

If your device doesn't meet the requirements above, the Hike POS Android app may still function with your device, however we may not be able to provide full support.

As a general recommendation, if your device is under 2 years old your device should meet the recommended tech specifications.  If you require further assistance or additional hardware options, please contact us here.
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