Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials

In this article, we will present you with various video tutorial areas on the features of Hike Point of Sale. As Hike features are evolving continuously, some of the UI/looks of the Hike Store or certain features may look and perform a bit differently from what is shown in the videos. If you have any questions on a specific feature, please contact our online 24/7 chat support team.

  1. Video Tutorials - Getting started with Hike and setting your Store up - Need help with the basics of Hike?  Go through our set of video tutorials on setting up your Hike store and how to perform functions like making Sales and creating/editing Products.
  1. Video Tutorials - Making use of advanced features within Hike - Once you are familiar with how Hike works, feel free to check out our Video Tutorials on some of our more advanced features in Hike.
  1. Video Tutorials - Integrations - This area is where you will find Video Tutorials on the various Integrations we have in Hike, such as eCommerce platforms, Accounting platforms as well as Unleashed, and Deputy.
  1. Video Tutorials - Hardware - If you have Point of Sale Hardware and are wanting to connect them to Hike, this area is where we will provide Video Tutorials for certain hardware models and how to connect them to Hike on various platforms.

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