Utilizing Brands in Hike

Utilizing Brands in Hike

Brands are an excellent way to group products into searchable groups, for easier retrieval.

Typically grouped under a single product manufacturer, be that clothing brands, hardware brands or medical brands, linking products with a brand is a great way to further describe your products.

In Hike POS, retailers can add brands into their products in two ways;

  1. By adding the brand directly into the Brands section of Hike.
  2. By adding the brand when creating a Product.

Enhance your products with your customers by having brands clearly displayed on your POS, as well as making things easier on your staff, with Hike.

Brands Overview

Before we start looking at how to add Brands into your Products in Hike, let’s take a look at the Brands screen in Hike first, so that you get a complete overview on what’s on the screen so that you better familiarize yourself with it.

To begin, select Products on the Hike menu and navigate to the Brands screen.


This is where you’ll find all your created Brands, and where you’ll be able to add, edit or delete brands, as per your manufacturers.


The search bar to search for any Brand, by its name.


Select the +ADD BRAND button, to trigger a new dialog box to slide out, where you’ll be able to create your new Brand.


Brands List View

The Brand List View is in reference to the columns occupying this section. Below we’ll go through what each column means:

Brand Name

The name of the Brand you have created.


The number of Products, associated with that Brand


By clicking the X button, you will permanently delete that brand.


How to Add a Brand in Hike

Hike makes it easy for retailers to add, edit and manage brands, directly on their point-of-sale register.

To begin, select Products on the Hike menu and navigate to the Brands screen.


Click on the + ADD BRAND button to create a new Brand.


A simple dialog box will then slide out, asking to give your new brand a name. Enter that brand name, click SAVE and that’s it.


Now that you’ve created a brand, you can also assign which product it will linked to.

How to Add a Brand when Creating a Product

Whilst Brands can be created on Hike by using the Brands section (Products > Brands), they can also be added when creating a Product for the first time.

When you create a new Product in Hike, under the Categorize section, you’ll be asked to enter various details related to your new product, including Brands.


Whilst you’re able to search for existing Brands in the Brand field, you can also create a new type by simply entering a new name, and selecting ADD NEW or hitting ENTER on your keyboard.


This will then create the new brand which can be viewed in the Brands List View.


Find out more about adding Products into Hike

How to Assign an Existing Product to a Brand

Much like adding a new brand when creating a new product, assigning an existing product to a brand, works in the same way.

Head to your Products List View and select the Product you wish to assign a brand to.


Once selected you will be able to find the Brand in the Brand field, or of course add a new one by typing in the name, and selecting +ADD NEW or by pressing ENTER on your keyboard.


Click SAVE on the Products from, to complete your changes.


How to Edit & Delete Brands in Hike

Controlling your various Brands by editing or deleting them where necessary, is easily done on Hike, and can all be done directly from the Brands Page itself.

To begin, select Products on the Hike menu and navigate to the Brands screen.


Edit Brands

Click the Brand Name of the Brand you wish to EDIT.

Enter the new Brand Name in the text box and click TICK to update the changes, or CROSS to cancel changes.


Note: All products assigned to the edited Brand, will now be seen with the updated Brand’s name.

Delete Brands

Hike allows retailers to remove Brands from products, simply by clicking on the x next to the Brand’s Name, when you’re editing a product.


To delete a Brand completely, retailers will need to do so in the Brands section of Hike.

Find the Brand you want to delete in the Brands List View, and click on the X at the end of the row of the Brand Name you wish to delete.


This will prompt a pop-up box, asking you to confirm the deletion. Click YES to continue.


Note: This will remove the Brand from all linked Products – this cannot be undone.

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