Using your Hike iPad POS when offline

Using your Hike iPad POS when offline

One of the advantages of using a cloud-based POS system in Hike, is that it enables retailers to conduct sales even when their internet connection unexpectedly goes offline.

Note: You will need to have an active internet connection for your initial login, as you will need access to the Hike Register App. Also ensure that you have opened your cash register as this is a feature that will not be available to you in offline mode.

Also, you will need to ensure the store setting "Users to enter PIN for every sale" is disabled as this would stop you from being able to make sales while offline. It's also worth mentioning you won't be able to switch users using either the pin, email or password methods when in offline mode.

When your internet connection goes down, you will see this red banner appear across the bottom of the screen.


The red banner will disappear on its own in a few moments, but will reappear anytime you use the Hike menu to access a different part of the POS. You can alternatively select the cross on the right, to remove the banner from your screen.

In addition to this message, you will be able to view your online and offline status by opening the Hike menu.


The icons also represent your printer and barcode scanner connectivity.

Continue to sell products by adding them into your cart.

When you resume online connectivity, all your offline transactions will automatically be synced to Hike’s servers giving you full breadth of information surrounding all your historical sales.

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