Tips: Group Products by Category on POS/Sale page

Tips: Group Products by Category on POS/Sale page

This feature allows users to view the "Product Types/Categories" above the product when a product is added to the cart. This can also be printed on the invoice.


For example, let's say we have a computer as a product and it is assigned to a product type called "Electronics ". So now when we add the product "computer" in the cart, it will display the product type along with the product.

Below is the illustration 

This will help users and customers to differentiate the product types in an Invoice/Cart in the highlighted space. Below is an example of how it would appear in the invoice.

In order to activate this feature, please navigate to General Settings>> search for the option "Display ordered items grouped by type (cart, invoice).

This feature will further enhance the user experience and receipt clarity for the customer.

NOTE: This feature will be available on the Hike Plus plan.
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