Sorting Items In A Purchase Order

Sorting Items In A Purchase Order

Hike allows you to sort the items added in a purchase order. In this way, locating a product in a purchase order is much easier. For a detailed explanation of how to add items into a purchase order, please refer to What is a Stock Purchase Order.

There are 7 different options available in the drop-down list for sorting. Product sequence in the purchase order will be displayed as per the selection made.

The images below show how the products will be displayed in the purchase order list when each sorting option is selected.

1. Default
Products will be displayed as they are added in the purchase order list. The product added first will be at the bottom of the list and the newly added one will be on top.

2. Product name (A - Z)

Products will be displayed alphabetically starting from A to Z, based on their names.

3. Product name (Z - A)

Products will be displayed in the reverse alphabetical order starting from Z to A, based on their names.

4. SKU (A - Z)

Products will be displayed in the ascending order of their SKU.

5 - SKU (Z - A)

Products will be displayed in descending order of their SKU.

6 - Quantity (Low - High)

Products will be displayed as per the ordered quantity from low to high.

7 - Quantity (High - Low)

Products will be displayed as per the ordered quantity from high to low.

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