Setting Tax Option for Cost in Purchase Orders

Setting Tax Option for Cost in Purchase Orders

You can set up the tax option for purchase cost in a purchase order easily in Hike.
You would first need to confirm whether the product cost on the product page, as shown below, is the tax-inclusive or tax-exclusive one.

To set this up, please navigate to Store setup >>> General, and review the option "Item costs defined on product page are tax-inclusive cost prices" in the section of General Rules. The option is ticked by default, which means Hike will take the cost as a tax-inclusive one. You can change it as per your requirements.

Then, when you create a purchase order, the cost on the product page will be input into the tax-exclusive or tax-inclusive field as per your settings. Both fields are editable, so you have the flexibility to change either based on whether your supplier is providing the tax-exclusive quote or the tax-inclusive one. After editing one, the system will calculate the value of the other one automatically.

For further details on how to create a purchase order, please refer to What is a Stock Purchase Order?
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