Set up your Hike account

Set up your Hike account

This article assumes you have created your trial account. if not, see the article Start your free Hike Trial account, then return here for the next step to set up your account.

Do keep in mind that, although you have signed up to a trial account, you will not need to re-create any account information when you wish to create your normal Hike account. Your trial account will become your active account. Certain data can be purged, but the main information you set up will carry forward to your live, functioning account.


There are no rules as to how and when you set up your Hike account. You can start at any section, and come back to any other section at any time, but these steps may make the process easier.


Setting up the Tax Rules will make it easier for all other sections to be able to choose the correct tax rate from the drop-down menu.

Start with the article Overview Tax Rules for more guidance.


By completing the General settings, you will customise Hike to suit your personal needs.

Start with the article General Settings for more guidance.


As you set up the free trial to decide if Hike is the right service for you, it would be best to trial Hike now to see if the basics are in place.

Go to the Process sales section, and complete a few transactions using the Demo product (already listed).

Start with the article How to complete a quick sale for more guidance.


Now that you are feeling more confident, it's best to add a new product.

Go to the Products section, and add a product. You can create Product Type, and Brand information as well as Supplier details, then edit those in more detail later.

Start with the article Creating & Adding Products in Hike for more guidance.


Review the support articles to help answer any queries you may have, or use our chat support for more assistance.

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