Sell and track items with serial numbers

Sell & track items with serial numbers

You can sell and track serial numbered products using Hike! This will make things like warranty and record keeping easier. For example, if you sell electronics, you may want to track the serial numbers for the purpose of warranty. However, if you’re a mobile phone seller, you may want to record associated EMEI number of each phone sold by you and the serial number feature can help with that. This feature is available on One store and Multi store subscription plan.

Activating serial numbers for a product is super easy in Hike:


  1. When you are creating a new product in Hike, you can activate serial number logging for that product by simply checking a box that reads ‘Serial number enabled product. Prompt cashier to enter serial number at checkout’. The checkbox is located right under the supplier code field within the ‘Primary information’ section of a product. Please note, if this box is unchecked, it means that the serial number tracking is disabled for a product. You will need to individually activate this option for each product you require to associate serial number at checkout.SN.png
  2. Once serial number is activated for a product, Hike will always prompt to enter serial number for the product when it is added to cart. If you add multiple quantity of a same item, normally Hike groups them as one-line item and increase quantity count. However, for a serial numbered product, only one quantity per line item are added so you can separately enter serial number for each item added in cart. As shown below, serial number entry text box is presented under product name. Please note, if a serial number product/s are in cart, you will not be able to continue to the payment page until serial number is provided for each of the item/s. sale.png

  3. Tracking serial numbered products with sales report. To track sales date, associated customer or other relevant information for a serial numbered product, go to sales reports and click on ‘By category’ option. Here you will be able to filter the report to show only serial number product sales.SN_report.png

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