Sales History Overview

Sales History Overview

The sales history is a feature that allows you to see and access all the transactions that you have made with your point of sale system. You can use the sales history overview to find:

•  Filter and search for a specific sale by date, number, source, customer, status, or other criteria.
•  View the details and outcomes of each sale, such as the products, prices, discounts, taxes, payments, and receipts.
•  Complete or fulfill the sales that are pending or overdue, such as back-orders, lay-by, on-account, or parked orders.
•  Refund, void, or exchange the sales that are completed or canceled, either partially or fully.
•  Print/email your sales history data for reporting or accounting purposes.

You will find the Sales history under Point of sale section in Hike.

With the normal filter on the Sales history page, you can filter Sales by Sale numbers, bar-codes, register, customer, customer phone number and product serial numbers.

Now, lets check more/advance filters.

To find any prior transaction you can use any one, or combination of either:

  • Oulet - search by Outlet name
  • Registers- search by Register name
  • Fulfillment status- Status of the sale: Parked, Lay-by, On-account etc.
Moreover, when On-account filter selected, you can now see Overdue option to know the pending invoices details as per their overdue dates.

  • Date: Filter by date of the sale
  • Payment Type: Filter by payment types used: Cash, card etc
  • Source: Cloud (PC), iOS (iPad), Shopify, Xero etc
  • User: Filer the sales processed by certain users.
  • Sales total: Filter sales based on the sales value.

With the exception of the last few columns, you can list the columns in priority order of that column, being

  • Date- the date the transaction occurred, will sort to date order
  • Time of the sale: This will show exact time of the sales on Sales history page. You will need to select 'Show Time' option on the settings to be able to see the time of the sale.

  • Sale #- the reference number of the transaction, will sort to number sequence
  • Source- how the transaction was processed, will filter by iPad, web or other, such as third party sales
  • Customer- name of the customer, will filter by customer first name
  • Fulfillment Status- shows the type of transaction, whether Parked, Completed, Refunded, Voided, Layby, Back Order, or On Account
  • Payment Status- shows the payment status of the sale: Paid, refunded, Exchanged.
  • Sale total- total monetary amount of transaction, will filter by amount
  • Sync*- shows red or green if transaction has been synced to 3rd party software such as eCommerce stores or accounting programs

*By clicking on the Sync icon at the end of the transaction, the Sync screen slides open, showing details of the last activity to occur. If needed, can re-sync the data.

Clicking on any one particular transaction opens up the Sales History summary, where more details of the transaction can be found, including

  • Details of the customer that the sale is assigned to
  • Items purchased
  • Notes made with transaction
  • Amounts paid, including discounts, taxes and tips
  • Payment summary, being the number and type of payments made, if any
  • Sale history, being the activity taken, i.e order parked

As well as the on screen information on the Sales History summary page, there are the action buttons at the top of the page:

  • EMAIL button- will email the receipt to any email address
  • PRINT button- will print the receipt on connected printer
  • GIFT RECEIPT PRINT button- will print/email the receipt, but without the prices visible
  • If sale is voided, no extra buttons will appear
  • If payment is completed, REFUND and EXCHANGE button will appear- will re-open the sale in the Enter sale screen, starting the process to refund/exchange the customer
  • If payment is not completed, RE-OPEN button will appear- will re-open the sale in the Enter sale screen, starting the process to complete payment for the customer
  • If orders were parked for fulfillment, MARK AS COMPLETE button will appear- will change the status of the order to being fulfilled, typically used to note layby items have been collected

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