Run Custom Reports

Run Custom Reports

Hike lets you customise the reports on sales, customers and inventory. You can download the custom report straight away or schedule it to be generated and sent to your email later. This feature is supported under the one-store plan and the multi-store plan. If you are using the start-up plan, you will get the page as shown in the image below. You can contact our chat support to explore the reports supported under your plan and to see whether any of them meets your requirements, or upgrade to a higher plan if necessary.

Downloading the custom reports

Navigate to the reporting section and select Custom reports.


On the next page, you will find the settings on the left and the preview on the right. In the settings section, there are 3 tabs, namely Delivery, Recipients and Report sections/s. If you want to download the report straight away, you will not need to fill in Recipients. Under the Delivery tab, you will find the settings as explained below.

Title: The title of the report will be displayed when you export the report in PDF format. Reports downloaded in Excel format will not display title.
Cover page: If you tick this checkbox, store logo and trading name will be displayed when you export the report in PDF format. Reports downloaded in Excel format will not include the cover page.
Type: DOWNLOAD NOW is chosen by default.
Reporting period: You can select the reporting period on which you want to run the report. Today is chosen by default, but you can specify the date range by clicking on the button here. The width of the date range is 90 days at most.

Under the Report section/s tab, you will need to choose the type of reports and the outlet to report for. If you have multiple outlets, you will get the option to choose the outlet for which you want to report. You can select one of the outlet or you can select “All” if you want to run the report for all outlets.

Click on Select report section and you will need to choose the report type.

Select the report you want to download, for example, sales report, as shown in the image below.

You can select more than one section if you want to download multiple reports at the same time.

After selecting the report type, you will get an option to select data fields that you would like to include in the report.

Click on Sales Section data field, and a window will slide out, in which you can tick the checkboxes in front of the fields to include in the report.

If you want to customise the sequence of the fields in the report, you can do it by clicking on “View: xxx” and entering the display order. The columns in the report will be displayed as per the display order selected here.
You can see the preview below data fields.

When the selection of data fields has been completed, you can save the change.

After saving it, you can preview the report.

You can click on DOWNLOAD to get the report in PDF format. 

You can click on EXPORT TO EXCEL to get the report in an Excel file.

If you selected multiple reports in report section/s, you will get them in separate sheets in the file as shown below.

While in PDF they will be available in different segments.

Schedule the custom reports

You will find all the other settings the same as downloading the report now, except the following ones. When you click on SCHEDULE LATER, you will have the options of scheduling displayed.

Send: You can select the report to be sent daily, weekly or monthly.

If you select the option daily, you will receive report on a daily basis.

If you select weekly you will get an option to choose the day on which you want to receive the report.

When monthly option is selected, you will get an option to choose the date on which you want to receive the report.

Send time: Select the time from the drop-down list.

Important note: The time mentioned here is the UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) time. Report will be received in the email as per the UTC time selected here.

Download type: Select the type of the file whether you want to receive the report in PDF or in Excel format.

Navigate to recipients tab and enter the email on which you want to receive the custom report. You can enter more than one email if necessary.

You can enter the message as well which will be displayed in the email received with the report attached.

After finishing and saving all the settings, you will see the preview of the report as shown below and then you can click on SUBMIT.

The report will be listed on the custom report page and will be received via email as per the time selected.

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