Refund Or Exchange Sales Processed In A Different Outlet

Refund Or Exchange Sales Processed In A Different Outlet

Hike allows your staff to refund/exchange sales which were previously processed in a different outlet. The feature is supported on a PC/Mac/iPad. First, you will need to activate the feature in the general rules under Store setup >>> General, as shown in the image below. If you are using Hike on your iPad, please navigate to Settings >>> General settings, and click on "Data Sync". Also, you will need to make sure the user doing the refund has the permission to refund and the accessibility to the outlet where the sale was processed. Please check how to manage the user permission here.

Please tick the highlighted option in general rule under Settings >>> General settings

After you activate the feature, you will have an additional dropdown list on the page of Sales history where you can choose the sales processed in which outlets to display, as shown in the images below.

The sales history in Chrome on a PC/Mac

The sales history in Hike App on an iPad

The refund and exchange process remains the same. If you are unsure of how to do it, please have a read of How to Refund a Completed Sale, or Exchange A Completed Sale. You can either search for the invoice with the help of the search box and filters, or scan the barcode on the receipt. Please note, after clicking on refund/exchange, Hike will pop up a window to ask for confirmation if the sale was processed in a different outlet.

The alert message you got when processing a refund/exchange in a different outlet

After completing the refund/exchange, the inventory and cash register of the outlet processing the refund/exchange will get updated accordingly.

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