Processing fraction sales in Hike: Weight and Scale

Processing fraction sales in Hike: Weight and Scale

One big question some merchants have when using the POS is how they can sell products with fractional quantities (such as by weight, units, length, yardage, etc).
With Hike POS, it is easy to sell products with fractional quantities.

With this feature you can:
  1. Sell any product, variant, or SKU with any fractional quantity you'd like.
  2. Add products with fractional quantities to the POS cart to checkout customers.
  3. Reflect products/variants sold in fractional amounts accurately in inventory.
  4. Sell products by yardage, weight, length, fractions, & more.
Below is are steps within Hike to sell weighted/fraction products.

You can create a product such as: Fresh Carrots 1kg bag

We have set price for 1KG $10 here.

Now, when you are selling 1.5kg of Carrots, click the "Fresh Carrots 1kg bag" product in the sale line and change the quantity to 1.5.

Once you change the quantity to 1.5 and SAVE the change, the system will auto calculate the pricing for 1.5 KG and give you the total amount of sale.

This could be used for any product with fraction quantity and value.
The stock for this product will automatically update after the sale based on the quantity sold.
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