Print Barcode Labels

Print Barcode Labels

How to print product labels

On Hike, you can print out single or multiple product labels by using a general printer or Dymo LabelWriter 450 at Products > Print Labels and this is available on both Windows and Mac. Printing of Labels is NOT available on iPads/Android tablets.

The next step is to choose either from (Continuous feed (Non-integrated) available across all plans; Continuous feed (Dymo LW 450 - Integrated) available in Hike Plus subscription plan), or print on A4 sheets (A4 label sheet printer).

Printing to Continuous feed (Dymo LW 450 - Integrated)

The DYMO LabelWriter 450 is an integrated Label & Bar-code printing option available on for Hike Plus subscription plans and allows you to print labels in stickers in several sizes such as 28MMx89MM and 25MMx54MM.

It also allows you to choose the number of labels to be printed out. For example, if you wish to print out 10 labels for the selected product, you can simply write 10 in the white input box next to the PRINT and it will print out 10 labels.

Currently, you can chose between 10 different label sizes, provided in the drop-down list to print your label using Dymo.

It also allows you to choose the number of labels to be printed out. For example, if you wish to print out 10 labels for the selected product, you can simply write 10 in the white input box next to the PRINT and it will print out 10 labels.

Printing to Continuous feed (Non-integrated)

Using this option allows you to print the labels without setting the integration up. When you click on PRINT, the print preview window of the browser will pop up, where you can customize the printing outcome.

You must select one of these three label sizes to print the label using non-integrated option.

Printing to a general A4 printer

General printers allow you to print on A4 pages and A4 Avery brand label print sheets which are available from most stationery stores. The Avery A4 sheets contain 32, 33, or 65 labels on each sheet.

If you are using Avery 4 X 8 the label code is 6570 in the USA. If you are in a different region and cannot find this item code, please check with Avery. They may have it under a different code for your region.

If you wish to display larger price, smaller bar-code and product description on your bar-code (Product shelf ticket), you can use second Avery 3 X 11 option to achieve this. Here is an example of this label print.

Printing product labels

To print out a number of labels for multiple products, you can just add more products to your product list using the search field.

You can search for products that you wish to print out labels by their SKUs, product names, product types, suppliers, brands, seasons, tags, etc.

As you add products, you can then choose the quantity, or click the X to remove that product from the print list.

Please note: If the product inventory track option is off the stock of the product will show as N/A.
Now, there is not need to go back to the product page and see how many labels are needed. This will result in efficient label printing. The product stock is visible directly on the Print label page so you can print labels as per your current stock.


Select the number of labels you wish to Print for the product under Label quantity box and click on PRINT.

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