Parking your Hike Subscription.

Parking your Hike Subscription.

As an alternative to canceling your Hike store subscription completely, we have developed a feature to park your Hike Store instead, which means you will retain all your hard work setting your Hike Store up, such as your Products, Sales, Customers data if you do end up needing to continue to with your Hike Subscription again.

We can park your Hike account with a small subscription fee, and it's charged on the day that the account is parked. In this case, you do not need to cancel your subscription and all your data will be saved. Once it is parked, you won't be able to access any Hike Store features. However, any integrations you have set up before parking your account should continue to work, although neither you nor Hike will be able to check the sync logs, if by any chance, any sync fails during the period the account is parked.

Currently, we don't support scheduling the parking request in advance. When you have decided to park your account, please let us know via email on or contact us on 24/7 chat support. The team will pass-on your request to the accounting team. Please allow us 2 business days to handle the request.

Unpark your account:

You can un-park and re-activate your account at any time by logging into your Hike Store and going to 'Store Setup' -> 'My Account' and selecting Unpark Account. Please note that by doing so, Hike will automatically resume charging the previous subscription fee on whatever day you decide to resume your Hike account. After the account is re-activated, your settings should remain as it was before parking.

Parking charges:

Here is the list of parking charges per month for each region and currency.
10 USD (USA)
15 CAD (Canada)
15 AUD (Australia)
15 SGD (Singapore)
10 GBP (UK)
1000 INR (India)
ZAR 200 (South Africa)

Prices are including Tax.
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