Paper setup mPOP cash draw/Printer

Paper setup mPOP cash draw/Printer

Only use paper that meets the specifications of the mPOP cash draw/printer. If you're unsure please check the manual.


  • There is a printer head inside the printer that becomes hot during printing or right after printing. Do not touch the printer head when opening or closing the printer cover.

1. Turn power on

  • Set the paper with the power on to automatically feed or cue paper.

2. Pull out printer

  • Push the front face of the printer to unlock and pull out the printer.


  • Pull out the printer fully. It may damage mPOP.

3. Open printer cover

  • Pull the cover opening lever forward to open the printer cover.

4. Paper setup

  • Set the paper roll in the direction as shown in the illustration.

5. Close printer cover

  • Pull the end of the paper straight out, sandwich the paper and close the printer cover.
  • The setting is completed when the paper is cut automatically.


Remove the cut paper. It may cause a paper jam.

6. Return the printer to its original position

  • Push the printer until it locks with a clicking sound.
  • Confirm that the LED display is in standby.

Paper Roll Specifications

Use paper roll that complies to the following specifications.

Paper width (W1)
57.5±0.5 (mm)
Maximum roll diameter (D)
50 (mm)
Curling dimension (W2)
58.0¼‹0.5,¼1 (mm)
Paper thickness
53~75 (μm)
Inner diameter: †12±1 Outer diameter: †18±ï¼‘ (mm)
Color surface
Roll exterior
Termination process
Do not glue the paper roll and axial wrapper.

For recommended paper rolls, refer to List of recommended paper rolls.

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