Overview My Account

Overview My Account

The My Account section allows you to manage the administration of your Hike account.

Lets look at the sections on screen.


As you will see, there are significant changes that anyone with Admin access can make to your Hike account. In prior versions of Hike, we used to have a SuperAdmin role, but this was restrictive for businesses with multiple directors, so we have given more control to our clients.

We strongly suggest you take this into consideration when deciding which staff will have Cashier, Manager, and Admin access.



Tabled details about your current plan:

  • Account created

    Date the account was created from the trial period
  • Current plan*

    The type of plan you are on, and the start date from when paid subscription period began (not trial period):
    • Essential (monthly plan)
    • Essential (yearly plan)
    • Plus (monthly plan)
    • Plus (yearly plan)
  • Status

    The payment status of your account, either
    • On trial with so many days remaining,
    • Active, auto renewal to be charged to your nominated card when due
  • Activate Plan / Change Plan button

    Clicking this button slides open the Choose Subscription screen, where you can alter your plan. Read the details on screen, or contact us for further details.

*Note all plans include software for one register only. Charges for additional registers will be monthly, with the option to add or remove additional registers at any time. Refer the Outlets & Registers tab to add or edit additional registers.


Tabled details about the account owner:

  • Owner info

    The individual owner/creator of the account
  • Contact info

    The telephone contact number
  • Address

    The address of the business
  • EDIT button

    Clicking this button slides open the Edit account owner screen, where you can alter your details, such as:edit-account-owner750.png
    • First name

      Type up to 50 characters
    • Last name

      Type up to 50 characters
    • Phone

      Type up to 30 characters
    • Mobile

      Type up to 30 characters
    • Address

      Type up to 50 characters
    • City/Suburb

      Type up to 50 characters
    • State / Territory

      Type up to 50 characters
    • Postal / Zip code

      Type up to 50 characters
    • Country

      Choose from the drop down list

When you have made all changes to the Account Owner details, simply click the SAVE button to finish. You can always return to edit at a later stage.


Tabled details about the billing history:

  • Date

    Date the last invoice was charged (or attempted to charge)
  • Billing Period

    All invoices are paid in advance, details time frame the invoice is paid to
  • Amount

    The amount paid on the invoice
  • Status

    Note either payment successful or not. If payment is unsuccessful Hike will retry to take payment. If payment continues to fail, Hike may take further action, including suspending account
  • Download

    Click to download PDF version of invoice


Your credit card information for Hike subscription payment. The same information will be used for any additional register subscription fees.

Click on ADD or EDIT button to update card details. The  following pop up screen will appear to enter card details through a secure third party payment gateway. primary-credit-card-edit750.png

When completed, you will be returned to the My Account main page.

Or, click on the REMOVE button to remove the credit card information. A warning will appear asking to choose between the buttons CANCEL or CONTINUE ANYWAY. If you continue anyway, your card details will be removed.

You may also record a secondary card for payments. Simply click on ADD SECONDARY CREDIT CARD button. Will follow exactly the same steps as above, and can be removed at any time. In the event payment of any fee via the first card fails, Hike would charge the subscription fee to the secondary card. Next cycle, Hike will still attempt to charge the fee to the first card.


Use this to permanently delete your products, sale related data. Mostly used to clear test data created during trial period. Not advised for actual transactions.

IMPORTANT!!! Once purged, selected data will be removed permanently. This operation cannot be undone.

To use this function, follow these steps:

  • Click on the PURGE DATA button
  • A window will open where you may tick a box to specify which data you wish to delete. You may choose more than one of the following:
    • Delete sales records created by

      This operation will delete sales transactions created by selected user/s. It will also impact relevant records such as shift report, end of the day totals & customer transaction history.
    • Delete all products and related records

      Delete all products and related transactions such as sales, inventory, purchase order and customer order history.
    • Delete customer records

      Delete all customer accounts and information.
    • Delete products

      Clear all your products information.
    • Delete gift cards

      This will delete all gift card transactions including those with available balance. We suggest printing out a gift cards balance report for reference and verification before you delete these data.
    • Supplier records

      Delete all supplier profiles.
  • Click the PURGE SELECTED button to continue
  • A pop up window will appear with two options
    • Click the CANCEL button to prevent any changes, or
    • Click the CONTINUE button to permanently delete the selected data

If you clicked CONTINUE button, your data is now permanently erased with no option of recovery.

If you do require recovery of your records, Hike staff can not guarantee all records are recoverable, and may charge a fee for any records that can be recovered. This would be discussed on a case-by-case basis.


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