Open and Close Hike Register

Open and Close Hike Register


You will need to open your register at the start of the day and close at the end of the day, so that you can get effective information on all your reports.


You can open the register by taking the following steps

  • Click on "OPEN REGISTER" on the Cash register page

  • Enter the opening float, and click on "OPEN" or
  • Click on the calculator icon to calculate the opening float, and click on "OPEN".

Please note that the opening float cannot be changed after you open the register.


To close the register, navigate to Point of Sale > Cash Register

You will need to be satisfied you have successfully completed the PAYMENT TALLY, as it cannot be amended afterwards.

CLOSE REGISTER button - clicking this button will close your register, and end your shift. By closing the register, it's assumed that you have confirmed the PAYMENT TALLY is correct. Once done, this can not be undone.
  • When you click the  CLOSE REGISTER button, a pop-up window will appear asking Close this register?
  • Click Cancel button to exit
  • Click Continue button to proceed
  • You will be given the option to print Shift Report, then returned to the Cash Register section.

Note: We don't recommend to keep the register open for more than 5 days. It is recommended to close register on daily basis. The ideal scenario would be open the register at the start of the business day and close it at the end of the business day. 

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