Issue Store Credits Manually

Issue Store Credits Manually

Store credits can be used as a type of payment for sales. The feature is available in the Plus plan only.

Hike allows you to issue store credits to your customers manually or by refunding. This article is about how to issue store credits manually. For details on how to refund a sale with store credits, please refer to Refund Customers With Store Credits.

How to issue store credits manually

Here are the steps of how to issue store credits to a customer manually. 

Navigate to Customers >>> Customers.     

Click on the customer to whom you want to issue store credits and you will find the button STORE CREDIT on top right.

Click on the button and another window will slide out. Click on the button ISSUE STORE CREDIT to continue.

Additionally, you can also Export the entire Store credit history in Excel or PDF as per your requirement.
Enter the amount of store credit you want to issue to the customer and then click on GIVE STORE CREDIT.

If you like, you can add the notes as well.

You will see the entry of store credit and the customer profile page will display the same.

If you added the store credit by mistake, you could issue the same amount of store credit in negative.

Note: If you have integrated Hike with any accounting platform, the negative store credit issued will not sync to it due to API limitations.

How to check store credits history

To get track of store credits issued to a customer, you can click on the customer and the STORE CREDIT button. You will get the history listed as shown below. This report can also be downloaded into Excel or PDF file.

You can also navigate to Reporting >>> Customers to get the report on store credits.

Click on the customer name and it will show you the details.

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