Inventory Dashboard

Inventory Dashboard

The inventory dashboard provides a snapshot of your entire inventory on one page.

If you have multiple outlets, use the drop down menu to check the inventory of each outlet.

Lets look at the information on screen.

Dashboard Tiles

The large dashboard tiles provide key details of your inventory:

  • Total Qty on hand tile

    Lists the total number of products quantity held right now
  • Awaiting delivery tile

    Lists the total number of products awaiting delivery from supplier to store
  • Products tile

    Lists the total number of products held right now
  • Variants tile

    Lists the total number of products held right now that are variants of an original
  • Retail value tile

    Lists the total retail value of all products held right now
  • At cost value tile

    Lists the total cost price of all products held right now
  • Reserved quantity tile

    Lists the total number of products held on reserve for back order right now
  • Product types tile
    Lists the total number of product types held right now

Inventory summary

The inventory summary table provides details on key areas of the inventory, with the choice to view more.

You will find the Title of the type of inventory, the number of items that fit the Title criteria, and the details to see more.

For example, if you look at Awaiting delivery from supplier, and click the Number button, you will see a page slide out like this one, and be able to see which purchase orders are open.

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