How to Make A Customer Tax-Exempt

How to Make A Customer Tax-Exempt

Hike now allows you to set-up a specific customer to be tax-exempt. When a tax-exempt customer is added to sales cart, the tax for the line items will be removed for the sale. The instructions below explain how to set it up.

When you want to add a tax-exempt customer, please visit the customer page and click on ADD CUSTOMER as highlighted below:

For existing customers, please visit the customer page, click on the customer to be edited and click EDIT as highlighted below:

A new page should appear where you can enter your customers details. You should also be able to see the option below labelled “This customer is tax-exempt. All taxes to be removed when this customer profile is allocated to a sale” – please select this option if this new customer will be tax-exempt for all new sales:

Once you have selected the option and filled in your customers details, please save your changes and you have now finished successfully setting-up a tax-exempt customer!

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