How to integrate Hike iOS and Android tablets with PayPal Zettle

How to integrate Hike iOS and Android tablets with PayPal Zettle

This integration is currently available in UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, USA, and Mexico.

Initial Setup
Turn on the PayPal Zettle card reader
Press the Power button on the top of the PayPal Zettle card reader

Adding the PayPal Zettle payment type
Go to Settings -> Payment types and enable PayPal Zettle

Click on "Configuration Required".
Enter your PayPal Zettle Username (Email address) and Password to Log In

Once PayPal Zettle is configured with Hike, you will see "Ready to use" status against the PayPal Zettle option.

Processing a sale with PayPal Zettle payment type
After adding products to the sale, click Pay. In the Payment screen select PayPal Zettle, Hike will open the PayPal Zettle page to charge for the sale. Click charge.

Click Charge to receive payment

On the PayPal Zettle reader, you will see the amount to be charged, Tap/Insert the card to process the payment

Signing out of PayPal Zettle
In the Payment types page on your iPad, click on the "Ready to use" link to open the PayPal Zettle configuration popup

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