How to integrate Hike iPad with iZettle

How to integrate Hike iPad with iZettle

Hike and iZettle can be configured easily. The integration is supported in UK and Europe. The below instructions are suitable for Hike iPad users. The support terminal is iZettle Reader 2. This feature is currently only available on iPad, not PC or Mac.

Prerequisite: in order to integrate with iZettle, you will need to have your iZettle login credentials handy.

Initial Setup

  1. Turn on the iZettle card reader
  2. Press the Power button on the top

Adding the iZettle payment type

  1. Go to Settings -> Payment types and enable iZettle

  1. Click on "Configuration required", and log in with your iZettle credentials

  1. Once you have logged into your account, you will be asked to connect to your card reader. Please click on the "Connect card reader" button

  1. Select your iZettle Reader 2 to proceed

  1. Now Hike will search and display the detected iZettle Reader. Please choose your iZettle reader on the list

  1. You will see a confirmation code on your iPad and card Reader. Please compare and confirm the code on both the devices

  1. Once it is connected to the card reader, you will see a page as shown below

  1. Once iZettle is configured successfully with Hike, you will see "Ready to use" status against the iZettle option
  1. Please navigate to Settings -> General settings, and click on "Data sync"

Processing a sale with iZettle payment type

  1. After adding products to the sale, click Pay. In the Payment screen, please select iZettle

  1. Hike will open the iZettle page to charge for the sale. Click "Charge" to process the payment

  1. On the iZettle reader, you will see the amount to be charged. Tap/insert the card to process the payment

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