How to find your Star Micronics Printer Driver?

How to find your Star Micronics Printer Driver?

Printer software, otherwise known as drivers, are essential for your PC to be able to communicate with your Star Micronics printers. Only once they have been installed, will you be able to print your receipt labels directly from Hike.

Whilst in most cases a CD-ROM will be included in the packaging of these thermal printers, and you will be able to install the driver directly from there, if you don’t have access to the CD there is an easy solution.

First you will need to visit the Star Micronics Support Database which can you do from this link:

Here you will be able to search for exactly the type of printer you will be connecting to Hike, and download the driver.

Note: Here will be selecting a Star USB Thermal printer on Windows. 


Using the drop-down boxes select the relevant fields for your thermal printer. Remember to indicate whether it is a USB or LAN printer, and whether it is on a Windows or Mac OS X operating system.

Once you have filled in the relevant fields, scroll down to the Manual section. Click on the Drivers tab to the left of Manual, where you’ll see a list of Recommended drivers and previous versions of the driver.

Select the first option in the Driver Backlog – futurePRNT V5.5 Lite - which will begin to download the file.

Note: Always select a Version of the futurePRNT software, i.e. do not download an app that does not have a ‘V’ in it.


As this will download as a zipped file, right click on the folder (in your Downloads) and select EXTRACT ALL.


You will then be asked to set a Destination for the newly created file. If you don’t specify a new location it will automatically set it at the same place it currently is. Click on Extract once you’re done.


Once the extraction is completed, you can click on the file folder of the Thermal Printer. Double click on the file icon, not the zipped file.


When opened, double-click on the Autorun icon – which should be displayed with a CD.


This will then bring up the Installation screen for the driver, so that you can connect it to Hike. Click on Installation and then select I Accept once you have gone over the Thermal Printer’s License Agreement.


Once you have agreed to it, the Install Shield Wizard will commence, guiding you through the installation of your Thermal Receipt Printer.

Click on Next to continue.


You will then be prompted to give your Star Printer a User Name and Organization. Click Next to continue.


From here you will be able to choose your set-up type. Select Typical for a normal installation of the printer, or select Custom if you want to specify exactly what files are installed.

We recommend using the Typical setting when installing. Click on Next to continue.


Upon completion of your set-up type, you will be able to click on Install to start the installation. The installation may take some minutes.


Once done, the Installation Wizard will inform you of the completion. Explaining that your printer has successful been installed.


To check that your Star Micronics printer has been successfully installed, simply go to your Control Panel, select View Devices and Printers under Hardware and Printers, and in your Printers column, you should see your Star Thermal printer.

From here, you can select your Star Printer from your Print Preview page setting, when you go to print a receipt for a customer.


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