How to Export your Product List in Hike

How to Export your Product List in Hike

Exporting your product list can be a great way to issue a backup of all your files, or to bulk edit items using a spreadsheet. This is why Hike POS has made it easy for our users to do exactly that, with just a simple click of a button.

There are two ways in which Hike allows retailers to Export products:

  • Export ALL products into a spreadsheet
  • Export SELECTED products into a spreadsheet

Note: Any changes you make to your Product List on your spreadsheet, will be reflected onto Hike POS itself, once you import it back in.

Export All Products

To export your Product List in Hike, simply click on Products on the Hike menu and navigate to the Products screen.


This will take you to the Products List View screen, from where you’ll be able to select the EXPORT button.


Once selected, you’ll be taken directly to the Export screen.

If you wish to Export all the Products in your Products List, just select EXPORT.

Note: You will need to wait a few moments – generally 5-10 seconds – before the download appears in your browser.


Once the download has finished it will appear in your browser as Product(x). Either click on the download icon, or select the caret (^) and click the appropriate option.


Export Selected Products

Alternatively, you may want to export only a select few items, and not your entire product catalogue.

If that is the case, use the search filter to type in the product(s) you want to have exported.


Once you have all the items you want to export, click on EXPORT.


Once you have downloaded the file for your Export, open it using your selected spreadsheet software program, like Excel.


Export your product file based on pricing, stock, and images.

Hike now allows you to export the products on the basis of your product price, stock and images. When exporting the product file from Hike, we have provided more simplification as per your requirement. You can only export selected data instead of the entire file.

Also, in excel file you will find the product details as per the outlet. The pricing, stock will be displayed as per individual outlet. You will get 3 options which you can export to Excel. You can export the price, stock, image.
  1. Export price

  1. Export stock

  1. Export image   
This feature will be helpful when you just want to update the pricing, stock, or images. You need to only export the required file and import the same file back. It will be easy, fast and convenient. 

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