How To Exclude Gift Card Sales from Sales Reports

How To Exclude Gift Card Sales from Sales Reports

In Hike, you can choose to exclude gift card sales from the sales report. If it is activated, the orders of selling gift cards will be excluded from the sales amount in the sales summary report.
Please note: the gift card sales will only be excluded from the sales summary, while the sales transaction of gift cards sold will be recorded. Also, the sales in which gift cards are redeemed are included in sales reports as every other sale.

How Can I Activate This Feature?

Please navigate to Store setup >>> General, and then tick the option “Exclude Gift card sales from sales report.”

What Does My Sales Report Look Like After Ticking The Option?

Please refer to the following example.
A gift card of $50 is sold and then the same gift card is redeemed to purchase a product worth $20.
You can observe that only the sale where the gift card was redeemed is recorded in the sales summary.

But in the sales transactions, both the sales (selling the gift card and redeeming the gift card) are recorded.

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