How to create a ticket from your Hike store

How to create a ticket from your Hike store

You have the option to create a ticket and view updates on tickets from your Hike store. You can create a ticket if you wish to know something about our product, or if you are facing a technical issue, you wish to share your suggestions for new features. We are here to assist you 24X7.

       Steps to create a ticket from the account:

On the top right side of the home page, click on the ‘Need help?’ section. Next, click on ‘Submit a ticket’.

Select the reason ‘Issue/Problem’ or 'New Feature request' based on your requirement and enter the title of the ticket, add a detailed description of your concern, and add attachments like screenshots or images describing your concern.

Click on the Submit button. We will respond to you on your registered email address as soon as possible.

You can check the update on a ticket from the bottom of the same page. It would show open and closed tickets. Once your concern is resolved, it will show ‘Resolved’ beside the ticket number.

If you are looking to request to add a new feature to our platform, you can select ‘New feature request’ for Reason while creating a ticket.

We hope this will help with the overall customer experience.

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