How to configure Hike with Zip

How to configure Hike with Zip

Hike and Zip can be configured easily. Below instruction is suitable for PC and Mac users. This feature is currently only available on PC and Mac not iPad.

Prerequisite: in order to configure with Zip, you will need to get your Zip account ready including API key and Location ID 

Configure with Zip

  1. Login into Hike store using your store URL (i.e.
  2. Go to Store setup ->Payment types -> Add new payment type -> enter the payment name -> select Zip as payment type -> click “Save"add_payment_type.png
  3. Once above payment type created, you will see it listed in the payment type page in Hike click on the red text "configuration required" -> it will direct you to below page:payment_type_added2.pngconfiguration_required.png
  4. Enter your API key and Location ID into the fields, you will get those details from your Zip. Once entered, click on "Configure" button on top-right of your screen. If it configured successfully, it will show blue text "Configured" like below and you are ready to go:)configured.png
  5. If you have more than one register and would like to use Zip for all of them, you can repeat from step 2 by creating other Zip, make sure you give different payment name so you can differentiate them. For the convenience of the user, we suggest only allocate this payment type to the registers that will use Zip by selecting available outlet and register like below then repeat step 3 and 4 to configure:zippay2.png

Process payment with Zip

  1. Once Zip has been configured go Process sell page from “Point of Sale -> Process sale”. Add item(s) into cart and click on the pay button it will open slider.process_pay.pngpayment_page.png
  2. As per above screen Zip payment option will display at payment screen. Once click on “ZIP PAY” (or whatever name you have given to your Zip) button will ask for a store code as belowasking_code.png
  3. Please enter or scan code for this transaction, once you enter code and click on “CONFIRM & CONTINUE” button will make Zip purchase request, you will need to ask your customer to confirm the payment from their end. enter_code.pngOn Purchase success response POS will print receipt number as belowpurchase_success.png

Process refund with Zip

You can only refund to Zip on the same invoice with exact amount paid via Zip. For example, the total for a sale was $100, $2 paid via Zip and $98 paid by cash. When you refund via Zip it will only allow to refund less than or equal to $2. refund.pngrefund2.png

To process refund please go to “Point of Sale -> Sale history”. Click on “Refund” link to make refund request, which will redirect you to process sell page to refund the sale

Click on “Refund” will open slider to process with it. 

If there are instalments payment applied with Zip for one transaction, when you do refund, it will show up the slide in page and ask to refund one by one like below, and you will only be able to refund the payment paid via Ziprefund3.png

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