How to Bulk Edit Product Information in Hike

How to Bulk Edit Product Information in Hike

When needing to edit products for multiple products en masse, there are easier ways of doing so rather than just going to each item in Hike and editing it from there.

That’s where Bulk Editing products come from, and it’s most easily performed using the Export/Import function Hike provides all retailers.

You can learn more about exporting your products onto a CSV file here.

Once you have downloaded your exported CSV file, you will need to open it using your spreadsheet application like Excel or Open Office.

Note: You may want to save a backup copy of your exported CSV file, just for extra security.


Using your spreadsheet, navigate to the columns you wish to update and edit the entry as per your new requirements.

Important: Do not edit anything relating to your Barcode, SKU, or Product Name, as this will create a new product entry once you import it back into Hike.

Once you have completed your editing, please ensure to save the file.

You will then need to navigate to the Products screen on Hike (Products -> Products) and select the IMPORT button.


This will then take you to the Import screen, where you’ll be able to import your CSV file. Click on IMPORT CSV FILE and you will be able to select the updated CSV file from your local computer.


From here, the Import mapping screen will open, where you will need to select the Template and map the corresponding data fields in your CSV to the ones that appear on Hike – though they should be correctly mapped automatically if the file was initially exported out from Hike.


Once completed, select Continue.

You will then find your Record Log, with a selected range of items you are about to import into Hike, shown on the screen.

Confirming that the template is correct, click on Connected & Validated to proceed with the import.


The status will then appear as In Process. You can click on the refresh button to update the status, which will ultimately show that the new import has been Processed.

Following this, your products will be updated with the new information that you edited onto the CSV.

Remember, if you have any queries or problems with Bulk Editing your Products, you can always reach out to our Customer Support team 24/7, and they’ll be happy to answer all your question on this or anything else regarding Hike POS!

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