How to assign sales target to a user?

How to assign sales target to a user?

Hike lets you assign Sales targets to your users and also check their progress toward the target.

Please visit Users -> User then click on edit user as illustrated in the below image. Scroll down a bit and tick the option "Set sale targets for this user".


 Sales targets can be set for daily, weekly, and monthly.
 In order to track the sales target, go to the dashboard -> Click on My sales target.

My sales target tab on the dashboard:

My sales target tab on the dashboard gives a quick way to track the progress of the sales target.



This shows the achieved target.

This shows the sales target of a user.

When you hover over the bar, it shows you the sales amount by the user and how much (%) is achieved.

Please note: The data under this tab is just for the current user. It doesn't show the report for all users.
- Date picker doesn't work for the sales data under this tab. It remains unchanged when changing the date range. It would only show the data of the current date and time.
- My sales target section on the dashboard will only appear when a user is assigned with the sales target. 

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