Hike Recommended Hardware

Hike Recommended Hardware

If you’ve already purchased hardware to go with your Hike POS or wish to check if your existing hardware would work, visit “Getting Started” section of our knowledge base for installation and setup help.

If you haven’t yet purchased hardware for Hike POS, we recommend the following hardware:

iPad or iPad mini
Star TSP143LAN, Star TSP650(Bluetooth)
iPad Stand
Heckler Windfall Stand for iPad
Barcode Scanner
Socket Mobile S700
Cash Drawer
APG Vasario Series (or any other cash drawer that is compatible with your printer)
Any compatible Bluetooth keyboard

any computer with latest Google Chrome browser installed


Star TSP143LAN, Star TSP143USB, Epson TM-T81, Any other USB or LAN Network printer that offers compatible receipt print size and comes with compatible drivers for your computer operating system.

Barcode Scanner
Any USB barcode scanner that is compatible with your computer and offers multi-code format will work with Hike
Cash Drawer
Cash Drawer APG Vasario Series (or any other cash drawer that is compatible with your printer)
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