Hardware Warranty Information And Policy

Hardware Warranty Information And Policy

Below is a list of the manufacturer warranty expiration for each item. Once the manufacturer warranty has expired, the merchant is responsible for buying a replacement.

NOTE: You must put rechargeable batteries in the Socket 7ci barcode scanner or you will void the warranty.


Warranty Term

APG Cash Drawer
2 years
APG Cash Drawer Cable
30 days
Socket 7ci Scanner
1 year
Socket 7ci Cradle
90 days
Star TSP143LAN Receipt Printer
3 years
Heckler Windfall iPad stand
2 years
iMag Pro and iMag Pro ii
1 year
USB Cable


Disclaimer: Warranties mentioned here are from manufacturers and correct only at the time of writing this article. These are subject to change without Hike being notified. Please confirm with hardware retailer/manufacturer before buying.

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