Getting Started with Hike on iPad

Getting Started with Hike on iPad

If this is your first time setting up Hike with the iPad, first we would like to congratulate you!

The iPad POS is a relatively new, yet rapidly growing application that aims to transform how retailers conduct their businesses.

Hike’s iPad POS takes all the functionality of your point-of-sale use on a PC or Mac and streamlines it for the tablet. And with our plug-and-play hardware compatibility, your system will be counter-ready in just minutes. It’s fast, portable, and best of all it’s easy to use which is why we’re sure you’re going to love using it!

On this page, we’ll cover the necessary steps you’ll need to take to get your Hike store up and running on the iPad so that you make your first sale.

System Requirements

To get the most out of your iPad POS with Hike, we recommend that you have an iPad which supports the latest iOS version.

Download Hike from the App Store

Next, you will need, to download the Hike Register app from the App Store.

To do this, simply search for Hike POS Register, and install the following app.


Getting Started with Hike on iPad

Once you have launched the application, you will need to sign in with your Hike store web address (, and your email and password.

Alternatively, you can sign up for Hike using the iPad by clicking on the Register button.


After entering your details in, click Login. If you are an existing user of Hike, the screen will then prompt you to select the register that you would like to use.


If you are using Hike for the first time, you will be asked to enter further details about yourself and your store. Click Save once done.


Hike will then take a moment or two to load up your store details – including product information – before launching straight to your Enter Sale screen.


Recommends: Hike recommends that your inventory list is set up on a PC or Mac computer instead of an iPad. This is because performing such a task on your iPad will be a time-consuming exercise and one of the few things that the device is not conducive for.

Setting up your printer with an iPad

Next, you will need to set up your printer so that you’re able to print out receipts for your customers.

The following guides will help you set up your Thermal Receipt Printer or Star Micronics mPOP with your iPad.

Setting up Card Payment Processors with an iPad

To streamline your sales even further with an iPad, you can set up card payment processors to enable easy tap & go payments.

These guides will help you set up your Card Payment Processors with your iPad.

Conducting a Sale on an iPad

Once you have completed setting up your printer and payment processor, you will then be free to complete a sale.

To complete a sale, begin by opening up your Hike menu and selecting the Enter Sale page.


This will open the Enter Sale page, where you’ll able to select the product/s that will be in the transaction.

Once you have entered all the items that need to be placed in the basket, tap on PAY.


You will then be taken to the transactions screen, where you will have the option to choose which payment type you will be completing the sale with.

Select the payment method that the customer will be using (here we will be paying by cash), and enter the amount tendered.


The next screen will display the change amount, if any, and will prompt you to either Print or Email a receipt to the customer.


Once done, you can click on Add New Sale to conduct your next sale.

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