Explore Product History

Explore Product History

Product history is where you can check the inventory change of a particular product. It's a log recording the inventory change and how it was caused. Please note, as it records the inventory change, so you will not be able to find any product history for non-inventory products. Also, no log will be created if your action doesn't have an impact on inventory, for example, refunding an inventory product without putting the product back into inventory.

You can visit the product history by clicking on VIEW PRODUCT HISTORY on the product page of a product.

Explanation of the columns

The time and date when the change occurred.

If the product is a simple product, it will show its product name; if the product is a variant product, it will show the product name of the particular variant.

Where the stock change occurred.

What type of operation triggered the inventory change.

The details of the action, for example, the reference number of an order.

Cost price
The cost price on the product page when the stock change occurred.

Average cost price
If you have activated weighted average cost, the average cost price is calculated automatically by the system; if you haven't, it is equal to the cost price. For detailed explanation on the weighted average cost feature, please refer to How Does The Option of Weighted Average Cost Work?

On hand
The stock of the product you have on hand.

The available stock you had had before the changed occurred.

The available stock you had after the change occurred.

The quantity of the change to the available stock.

This option allows you to check which Hike user made changes to the product on the product history page. It will help you double-check your staff activity concerning product updates.

The above screenshot shows that clicking on gear wheel shows all options. It allows you to select/unselect the options you want to display or not display for product history.

Explanation of actions

All logs related to sales are recorded under this action. It includes all kinds of sales and exchanges.

All logs related to refunds are recorded under this action.

The logs related to purchase orders are recorded under this action.

Stock transfer
The logs related to stock transfers are recorded under this action. They appear in pairs, as stock change happens in both the source and destination outlets.

The logs related to product import are recorded under this action. 

Individual stocktake
The logs related to stock update manually on the product page are recorded under this action.

The logs related to stocktake are recorded under this action. If its actual quantity is lower than expected, your spillage notes will also be shown in the reference.


You can filter the product history with 3 types of filters.

Action types
You can filter the history by action types, including sales, inventory count, and purchase orders.

The type sales includes logs under actions sales and refund.

The type inventory count includes logs under actions individual stocktake and stocktake.

The type purchase orders includes logs under action purchase.

You can filter the history by where the change occurred.

If it is a variant product, you can filter the history by to which product the change was applied.
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